Haircuts for Men You Can Style Them at Home

By  //  October 15, 2021

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The pandemic has led to many changes. Many businesses have closed because people are forced to stay at home, and barbershops are no exception. This has forced most people to learn how to cut their hair and getting the right haircuts for men to style at home is only the option.

However, a haircut requires a lot of seriousness because machines cause accidents, and you will have to stay with your wrongly done hair for a couple of days or weeks, which changes your entire look. Although messing up on haircuts for men is easy, these tips will help you get it right. 

1. Go For Low-Maintenance Cuts

Although most states have restrictions when it comes to haircuts for men, it is advisable to get a cut that is comfortable to maintain and live with. If you can visit a barber, ask them for hairdos like buzz, crew cuts and skin fades. For example, a skin fade is easy to achieve, not choosy with hair type, and is easy to maintain.

It takes approximately a week for a skin fade to grow back, and you don’t need any special hair products to maintain it. Ask for low fades to avoid having short sides.

According to MensHaircuts, you can also get skin bald tapers. This haircut is mostly preferred by people who want to keep some hair on the sides but leave the sideburns and back clean. You can also get a regular taper or fade if you don’t want your sides to be skin bald. With these styles, you can do a wash and go or a comb-over. 

2. Get The Right Equipment

If you are doing your hair at home, you need the right tools to achieve the right look for haircuts for men. Things like a handheld mirror to enable you to see the back of your head is as important as f=the front mirror. Get a hair clipper, beard trimmer, and a comb and brush to play around with the length of your hair. If you have an afro, you need scissors to trim it. 

3. Choose Buzzcut

Most people choose buzz haircuts for men because they are low maintenance and easy to style. Although it looks easy to style, this haircut still needs expertise. Set your hair clipper at different settings, depending on your desired length. If you prefer your hair thick and dark, a 1.5 length will do. # is for finer and light-colored air. Another important tip when shaving is to always go against the grain of the hair. If after you shave the sides with #2, they still feel bulky, use level 1.5. 

4. Allow Growth

Being in quarantine means you are in the house most times. You can leave your hair to grow out and see if you would like to have an afro. However, don’t leave it to look untidy. Trim with your scissors and remember to brush the hair to remain neat. Trim your sideburns as well. Your hair needs products like shampoo and conditioner in the shower to make it look clean. To can also use holding gel to make the style stay all day. 

5. Trim The Beard

While growing the rest of the hair on the head, do not forget to keep your beard neat. Ensure you also clean around the neck, lips, and cheeks. You can use a trimmer or scissors and a mirror to trim the beards. Also, wash them with shampoo and conditioner, and apply moisturizer to ensure they are well cared for. 

6. Support Your Barber

Many people have closed their businesses, which they depend on, and doing your hair at home means you will not visit the barber, so no cash for them. You can support them by asking for consultation meetings on zoom or facetime. Pay them digitally. You can also ask them for house calls and refer your friends. This supports their business. 

This year has been different due to the global pandemic. Although staying at home is a way for people to keep safe and stop the spread of the pandemic, many businesses have closed including barbershops. You can however get neat haircuts with these tips.