How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Employment Law Case

By  //  October 24, 2021

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After a work-related accident, a company’s negligent hiring practices, or discrimination in the workplace, you may find yourself wondering if litigation is the best option for seeking compensation. The answer depends on what type of case you have and your goals for seeking legal help.

Employment lawyers specialize in specific areas of employment law, such as discrimination based on gender, retaliation against whistleblowers who report unsafe working conditions, denial of minimum wage or overtime pay, and many other violations.

In order to successfully navigate through the complex laws that protect employees from unfair treatment by employers, workers need experts like Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers working on their side.

Here are some tips from a seasoned New York about finding the right advocate to handle your case:

What Type of Case Is It?

Before deciding to hire an employment dispute lawyer, ask yourself what type of case you have. If it is a workplace injury or illness due to unsafe working conditions, an employment discrimination suit may be necessary.

For other types of legal issues, such as worker’s compensation claims, tax problems with your employer, or termination without proper notice, it may be worthwhile to speak with an employment attorney who specializes in that particular area.

Check Online 

A Google search for employment lawyers should yield a list of possibilities. Don’t stop there! Many employment dispute lawyers and legal attorneys have websites where you can read about their experience, impression them based on their bios, and even check for reviews or ratings that previous clients may have left online.

Be wary of any employment attorney who has no online presence whatsoever – if they’re not willing to put themselves out there, they may lack the confidence in their professional abilities that is crucial to winning your case.

Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Case

A phone call or email will help you determine if an employment lawyer’s personality meshes with yours—a key factor when working together through a lengthy legal battle. Their workplace injury law firm website should offer links to employment attorneys’ personal websites, where you can learn more about their employment law experience and background.

Do Your Research

Before you consult employment law attorneys, do some research about the lawyers in your area who specialize in employment litigation. While large firms may have more resources at their disposal for mounting a case against an employer, they are often more bureaucratic and less responsive to client concerns than smaller organizations.

Many employment lawyers will offer to provide free consultations so that prospective clients can meet them, learn about employment laws relevant to their cases, and ask questions before deciding whether or not hiring one of these lawyers is the right choice. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity if it is available to you by calling ahead of time

Speak To Friends And Family Members

The best employment lawyer for your case is usually someone who has experience working on similar issues with other clients just like you. One of the best ways to find employment lawyers who specialize in cases like yours is by asking friends, family members, and acquaintances for recommendations.

Many people have dealt with employment lawyers during the course of their employment lives, even if they never ended up pursuing litigation or filing a formal complaint with human resources or law enforcement agencies. 

Get A Recommendation From Your Employer

If you are not sure what type of employment lawyer would be most effective in handling your case against an employer, consider speaking to someone at your company’s human resources department. An HR representative can provide insight into which types of employment law cases are most common among workers at your organization and how these complaints were resolved.

For example, if employees at your company frequently accuse managers of sexual harassment or employment discrimination, it would be wise to look for an employment lawyer experienced in these areas.

Employees should not be afraid to speak up if their rights are being violated at work. If you do end up filing a lawsuit against your employer, the more evidence and support you can provide, such as past complaints made about managers harassing other employees, the easier it will be to win your case.

After consulting with employment lawyers and getting recommendations from friends and family members who have dealt with employment legal issues of their own, you will be prepared to make an educated decision about which type of employment lawyer is right for your specific case.

Finding employment lawyers to help you resolve employment disputes can be tricky. You need to determine what type of employment attorney or lawyer is right for your case, find employment law firms that offer free consultations, and set up a time to meet with prospective employment lawyers face-to-face. One should try out various options until they get the best results possible so as not to waste any time or energy on unhelpful sources. 

With this said, one does get better employment lawyers through online search engines than the traditional employment lawyers, but one must also do thorough research before hiring an employment lawyer.

Also, using the available personal connections and recommendations can be a good way to find employment lawyers as well for those who have no idea where to start looking. By following these tips, you will be on your way toward finding the right employment dispute attorney for your needs.