Mango Kush Feminized Seeds

By  //  October 27, 2021

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Mango Kush feminized seeds couldn’t be more aptly named. The buds retain the same sweet stickiness, exotic fruitiness, and hard-hitting potency of their parent strains.

A cross between the Mango cultivar and Hindu Kush, this show-stopping hybrid is nothing short of mang-nificent. Everyone is captivated by feminized Mango Kush seeds, from canna connoisseurs and dessert strain hunters to indica lovers and newbie growers.

Keep reading to find out why, how to grow this strain, and where to buy Mango Kush feminized seeds. With some weed-ucation, you can start cultivating your own stash of delectably fruity bud in no time.

Mango Kush feminized seeds description

Feminized Mango Kush seeds are the exquisite result of inspired cannabis engineering with a modern twist. By crossing Hindu Kush with the Mango strain, breeders brought the cultivars’ best qualities to life in new, multifaceted ways.

Mango Kush feminized weed gets its intense mango-banana flavors and mood-boosting euphoric effects from its Mango parent. The pure indica landrace, Hindu Kush, contributes its sturdiness, high trichome production, and deeply relaxing qualities to the genetic mix.

These traits complement each other like a refreshing fruit cocktail on a sunny beach. 

Mango Kush feminized plants grow to around 4–5 feet with wide fanlike leaves in green and purple shades. Closely spaced internodal gaps make the foliage dense and bushy, typical of indicas.

During the flowering stage, the fat, chunky buds glisten with resin and glittery white trichomes. Curling tangerine-colored pistils complement the emerald and lime green hues.

With feminized Mango Kush seeds, you don’t need to worry about annoying male plants pollinating your ganja ladies and ruining your harvest. You can expect an all-female crop instead, making cultivation a breeze. 

Mango Kush feminized effects

Mango Kush feminized seeds produce some pretty potent buds. With 11%–20% THC, this weed is powerful enough to knock you off your feet—only, you’ll land on Cloud Nine.

A 65/35 indica/sativa ratio means the effects are more physical than cerebral. While there’s still a pronounced mental high, full-body relaxation and even couch-lock are on the cards (depending on your dose).

That’s why it’s best to keep Mango Kush feminized weed for quiet afternoons, evenings, or chilled weekends.

The effects manifest after a few tokes. The day’s troubles quickly melt away as a euphoric buzz kicks in, lifting your mood and easing mental tension. Happy thoughts come flooding in, accompanied by enhanced sensory perception.

The world suddenly seems a little less dull, and even mundane tasks take on new appeal. Mango Kush feminized weed isn’t done with you yet. After a while, its indica traits start creeping in. Muscular tension evaporates, and a calming warmth spreads to your limbs.

In low to moderate doses, this cannabis induces soothing bodily relaxation without rendering you immobile. A higher dosage likely leads to couch-lock, though. 

Despite a less than 2% CBD content, Mango Kush feminized is still popular among medicinal tokers. Its robust therapeutic qualities are said to help relieve numerous ailments, from arthritis and migraines to nausea, depression, and anxiety.

Always consult a medical professional before you use Mango Kush feminized cannabis for any medical reasons. It’s also a good idea to monitor your dose, even for recreational purposes. Overconsumption could trigger headaches, paranoia, and dizziness.

You might also experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. Both of these common side effects are easily remedied with some eye drops and a glass of water.  

Mango Kush feminized flavors

Mango Kush feminized weed is famous for its full-bodied flavors and aroma, undoubtedly thanks to its Mango and Hindu Kush parents. The dank buds smell like mango and banana smoothies after a cool summer rain—deliciously sweet, fruity, and slightly earthy

The dessert-like flavor profile is more dynamic. Once you’ve taken a toke or two, subtle notes of pine, sandalwood, and hashish dance on the tongue with banana and mango nuances. 

How to germinate Mango Kush feminized seeds

Successful germination is all about patience, care, and high-quality cannabis seeds. Mango Kush feminized seeds take time to sprout, and they’re extremely delicate. Of course, if they’re duds of questionable origin, they may not sprout at all.

Make sure you buy genetically stable, premium quality feminized Mango Kush seeds. Click here to get yours. You also need a sterile environment, disinfected equipment, and clean hands. 

Cannabis seeds are sensitive during the germination phase. Given half a chance, harmful microorganisms can quickly spread and infect them. That’s why hygiene is paramount.

Now that you know what you need for germination, here are four popular ways to sprout your Mango Kush feminized seeds.

With water

Pour sterile water (around 70℉) into a glass or glass bowl about halfway. Gently drop your cannabis seeds into the water and cover the glass. Keep it in a temperature-controlled room for about 3–5 days. 

Once your feminized Mango Kush seeds have developed taproots, carefully transfer them into seedling containers. Soil works well, but you can use other growing media, too. Bury your weed seeds in half-inch deep holes and lightly cover them with moist soil.

You can put the seedling containers under fluorescent lights to stimulate growth—just make sure they don’t get light burn.  

With soil

Some growers prefer sprouting their Mango Kush feminized seeds in soil. It negates the need to transplant the seedlings into bigger containers later on. 

It’s tricky to accomplish, though. Microorganisms often go unnoticed in soil. They spread quickly and can easily infect marijuana seeds before they have a chance to sprout.

Always use brand new, uncontaminated soil for optimal results. Make half-inch holes evenly spaced out. Place one Mango Kush feminized seed into each hole and cover them with soil. Use a gentle spritzer bottle to keep the soil moist. 

Expect your cannabis seeds to sprout within 4–10 days.

With paper towels

Place one moist (but not excessively wet) paper towel onto a dinner plate. Use a pair of sterilized tweezers to lay your Mango Kush feminized seeds out onto the sheet. 

Leave some space between each one (an inch should do the trick). Place a second sheet of moist paper towel over your cannabis seeds. You can use another dinner plate as a cover. 

Store your weed seeds in a warm, dark place and check on them daily, ensuring they don’t dry out. Wait 1–5 days for your feminized Mango Kush seeds to sprout before transferring them into seedling containers.

With pellets (or blocks)

Peat pellets or stone wool blocks are convenient and easy to use. The former is suitable for soil, while the latter is ideal for inert growing media. They cost a bit more compared to the other methods, though. 

All you need to do is presoak your pellets or blocks before throwing in your Mango Kush feminized seeds. Keep them in a temperature-controlled environment away from curious pets or children. 

Your cannabis seeds should sprout after 1–3 days. You can then plant your blocks or pellets directly into the growing medium.

Mango Kush feminized grow information

Mango Kush feminized plants are sturdy, disease-resistant, and easy to grow—perfect for beginners. Whether indoors or out, they thrive without a fuss, but their dense foliage requires regular maintenance.

They can withstand cooler temperatures, although warm and sunny weather is ideal (think continental, temperate, or Mediterranean climates). While Mango Kush feminized crops flourish in almost any growing medium, organic soil is best. 

It’s easy to use and enhances the terpene profile of the buds. You can add one-third coco coir to your soil to promote optimal drainage and aeration. A hydroponic system also works incredibly well with this strain.

Here are a few tips for growing Mango Kush feminized plants indoors:

 Implement the Sea of Green (SoG) method

An SoG setup dramatically boosts yields. It involves flipping your plants into the flowering stage early, so harvest time comes around quicker. The crops are smaller, but you can keep more per square meter, meaning bigger overall yields.

■ Monitor the temperature

With an indoor setup, you need to mimic Mother Nature. Keep the temperature nice and warm for your Mango Kush feminized plants within the 70°F–79°F range.

■ Regulate the relative humidity (RH) levels

Optimal RH levels are just as crucial as temperature ranges. Keep RH at 40%-50% during the vegetative phase. You can drop it slightly every week until it’s at 30%–40% in the flowering stage.

■ Frequently prune your crops

Mango Kush feminized plants are thick and bushy, so they need regular pruning to mitigate issues like mold and maximize light penetration and air circulation. Trim away any non-essential fan leaves, particularly at the lower half of the plant.

Healthy Mango Kush feminized plants deliver moderately heavy yields indoors. Expect around 14 oz./m². after 8–9 weeks of flowering. 

These crops adore the great outdoors, displaying their full potential with maximum growth and generous yields. Here are some pointers to keep in mind for al fresco growing:

■ Start your cannabis seeds inside

Keep your Mango Kush feminized seedlings indoors for the first couple of weeks to protect them from environmental factors. You can place them under grow lights or even on a sunny windowsill. Gradually expose your plants to the outdoors.

■ Opt for pots

While you can grow Mango Kush feminized plants directly in the ground, using pots gives you more flexibility. When bad weather hits, you can move your crops to safety.

■ Find the ideal growing spot

Keep your cannabis plants in a warm, sunny area protected from rain, harsh weather, and artificial light. There should also be a gentle cross breeze for better air circulation.

Each outdoor Mango Kush feminized plant yields about 16 oz. by mid to late October. 

Mango Kush feminized seeds genetics

Feminized Mango Kush seeds are the offspring of two exotic cultivars, each with their own claim to fame: Mango and Hindu Kush.

Also known as Mango OG, Mango is an indica hybrid with Afghani and KC 33 genetics. It tastes exactly like fresh juicy mango, but it’s famous for other reasons, too. Its gigantic resinous buds, uplifting euphoric effects, and creeper tendencies all helped put it on the map.

Mango Kush feminized buds wouldn’t be the same without Hindu Kush genetics. It’s a world-renowned landrace strain named after its place of origin—the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

The pure indica strain developed a hardy resistance against its harsh environment—along with high trichome production. It’s also the genetic contributor to many modern-day hybrids and the go-to cultivar for hash-makers.  

Where to buy Mango Kush feminized seeds

If reading about feminized Mango Kush seeds makes your mouth watering and your palms itch to grow some, it’s time to get shopping. 

First thing’s first: Make sure it’s legal to grow weed in your state. Even the deliciously sticky buds of Mango Kush aren’t enough to risk a run-in with the law. 

If you don’t have the go-ahead to grow cannabis, you can always buy ungerminated Mango Kush feminized seeds as keepsakes until your state laws change.

While Mango Kush weed is available at dispensaries across the country, the actual marijuana seeds can be tricky to come by. There are virtually hundreds of online seed banks out there, so it’s all about finding the right one.

A reliable and reputable seed bank offers things like:

Top-shelf, genetically stable Mango Kush feminized seeds

Safe payment options and tracked delivery across the US

Regular promotions and a loyalty program with rewarding perks

Online tools to track your weed-growing journey from seed to harvest

A like-minded community of growers to share your wisdom, queries, and successes

Weed-ucational content should also be a priority. Experts like Steve DeAngelo and Kyle Kushman at Homegrown Cannabis Co. always emphasize the importance of cannabis-related educational resources.

After all, cannabis cultivation is an ongoing learning journey, and knowledge is power.

Man…go get Mango Kush feminized seeds

Feminized Mango Kush seeds are everything you could ever want in a tiny genetic capsule. They blossom into tough, beginner-friendly plants promising decent yields.

The massive chunky buds are delectably sticky and ooze with all the right stuff: intense, tropical flavors, loads of resin, and ample THC. 

That’s not the only reason why you’ll be smiling, though. The uplifting and soothing effects will have you floating on Cloud Nine in utter body-and-mind bliss.

Get your Mango Kush feminized seeds and start growing your own scrumptious buds—just remember to buy them from a trustworthy seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co.