Santa Monica Vape Delivery is Now Available

By  //  October 15, 2021

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Santa Monica Vape Delivery is Now Available 

Good news for those looking for their favorite vape products in Santa Monica! Customers used to looking up several tobacco stores, checking opening and closing times, and calling around asking if their favorite brands are in stock now have a much easier option for getting the vapes they love.

Santa Monica vape delivery services get your favorite brands right to your door.

How Does Santa Monica Vape Delivery Work?

Just like most delivery services, vape delivery seeks to make ordering and acquiring your favorite products as easy as possible for customers. The website of LA-based delivery service allows customers to browse through a huge assortment of products, including vape juice, liquid, atomizers, puff pens, coils, and several brands of tobacco, and pick out their favorites.

Customers can then call up the service to place their order. guarantees fast and easy delivery right to your door, usually within just a couple of hours. Better yet, TGR-Now puts customers in contact with one of their delivery drivers via text, so they know exactly how far out their order is at any given time.

How Did This Vape Delivery Service Start?

The PACT Act Amendment, enacted on March 28, 2021, bans a lot of third party carriers from shipping or delivering nicotine and vaping products. Delivery apps that got especially popular in 2020, such as Instacart, also have a policy of refusing to allow delivery of tobacco products.

This made it hard for consumers to get the vape and tobacco products they love without going out of their way, sometimes miles in the middle of the workday, to find a tobacco shop that carried their preferred brands.

However, the amendment didn’t prohibit E cig shops, local vape stores, or other private companies to set up delivery services themselves. So a few of these businesses, such as Teagardins, have set up their own systems in order to best serve their customers, leading to today’s wide-ranging vape delivery service throughout Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area!

Can I Get Same Day Vape Delivery in Santa Monica?

Definitely. In fact, you can even get one hour vape delivery! Though estimated times vary, the TGR-Now service guarantees delivery between 10 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the delivery distance and driver availability. Other websites also guarantee same day delivery, or for customers that call later in the day, vape next day delivery at the very least.

It’s important to note that the service isn’t just limited to those who live in Santa Monica, but rather covers the wider Los Angeles area. If you find yourself in another neighborhood for whatever reason, whether for work or visiting a friend, you can get vape delivery anywhere from the Eastside to the Westside, from South LA up to the Valley.

Delivery radiuses and times are only expected to improve throughout California as local vape stores develop their delivery services.

Customer service is available 7 days a week, view their hours of operation on their Google Business Page or Yelp Business Page so you can order at almost any time that’s easy for you. People can even sign up as a regular customers so the website will remember their previous orders, favorite items, and also track delivery of the items in your cart.

As of now, customers can pay for their delivery by credit card on the phone. However, delivery services are in the process of incorporating credit card payments online to streamline the process even further.

What Vape Products Can I Order for my Santa Monica Delivery?

TGR-Now’s inventory encompasses a lot of top-selling as well as more niche tobacco and vape brands in the market today. The company, which started in West Hollywood in 2013, is also continuously expanding its inventory to keep up with new trending products or customer favorites, and seeks to retain a fully stocked inventory at all times, so they don’t run out of your favorite vapes!

Better yet, TGR-Now’s customer representatives will help guide those newer to vaping through what they might need to order via phone. So whether you want to get a whole Juul starter kit or just replace some old pods, this vape delivery service has you covered.

Are There Any Limitations to the Vape Delivery Service?

There is only one limitation to getting vape delivery, and it’s the same one that applies to buying tobacco products in person: any potential consumer has to be at least 21 years old. Minors can’t (and shouldn’t) circumvent the system by asking for delivery instead of going to the store, as all delivery drivers will ask to verify identification before handing over any nicotine products, in accordance to California law.

Otherwise, getting vape delivery in Santa Monica works pretty much the same as it used to via third-party services and apps, so go ahead and order today!