The Best Breeds of Dogs for Children

By  //  October 12, 2021

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Are you here looking for the best dog breeds for children? Dog breeds that are generally suitable for children are breeds that have a gentle disposition and naughty characteristics. Note that every creature, including the dog, has its character. As such, any of our recommended breeds could potentially be the ideal choice for your children.

All dog owners should invest some time in teaching the entire family about the dog.  

Also, just like when searching for attack victims’ advocates, it is still a requirement that parents be well informed about a specific breed before bringing it home for children. The parent should be sure that the chosen dog breed can tolerate kids.

To be sure as a parent, rely on the help of the breeder to choose a breed that has a gentle demeanor and should be the one that doesn’t get intrusive and rough. Also, the breed should be flexible with the weather changes.

Another important thing that parents should ensure is not to leave that new home member alone with kids. Live them alone if you are sure that indeed there is a strong relationship between the dog and the kid. 

There are many breeds of dogs that can do well for kids. Here, we have recommendations for some of them.

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you are looking for a big, warm, and lovable dog, look no further than the Bernese Mountain Dog. This Swiss breed of dog can tolerate any kind of kid. The dog is less active and likes resting, which is a good sign that can suit kids.

Bernese Mountain breed requires fewer maintenance activities. This includes usual brushing as their thick, silky fur will generally fall off. They are considered soft huge breeds of dogs with the perfect level of responding to training. There is no doubt that this pleasant breed could be the perfect addition to a boisterous family.

If you decided on this breed make sure to find a reputable breeder like Infinitypups, there you’ll find only the healthiest Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale.


Beagles are perky and adorable, with a disposition and energy that will match those of your children. Beagles are incredible partners for being loyal and devoted, an attribute that made them used as small hunting dogs since. Beagles require normal training.


A collie is an exceptional family dog that can do well for kids. These types of dog breeds are known for their lovable attributes. The collie will serve as a protector and a family companion, whether you are strolling down your street or relaxing on the sofa. This soft dog breed needs some training day in and day out and should also be brushed once a week due to their thick and long-haired coat.

Golden Retriever

Not a big surprise, the Golden retriever is one of the most recognizable breeds in America. With its beautiful brilliant coat and warm and loving character, it makes it hard to resist. Families in need of a larger breed dog often choose this breed because it is lively and steadfast. Before they were being used as hunting dogs. They are very wise and dedicated. This breed is warm to children and eager to please their owners.

Labrador Retriever

Much like the Golden retriever, the Labrador retriever is known to be steadfast and dedicated. This breed is easily trainable given the fact that they are eager to please their owners and become a family member. They are flexible and adaptable and can fit in different family ways of living. They can be used as a hunting partner or Nestle buddy. With a balanced personality and a family-friendly character, this breed of dog can be the perfect decision for your family.

Norwegian elkhound

If you need a family protector that is also tolerant of kids, then consider a Norwegian Elkhound as your next family pet. Known to be warm and loyal to their owners, this breed does well with children. The Norwegian Elkhound forms strong bonds with members of the family, which makes it an incredible family protector and friend.


The above is by no means the main dog breeds to consider when looking for something for your children. But they are a decent starting point if you have been searching for the best breeds of dogs for children.