The Modern Fiat Ponzi Scheme Mostly Fixed by Bitcoin: Find Out

By  //  October 22, 2021

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After a few years of research into Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar, which taught me to revere as if it were some faceless deity, I concluded that everything should measure in Bitcoin satoshis rather than U.S. dollars. The most crucial factor was not related to Bitcoin at all.

Once I understood what the game was and how it worked, I could no longer place a monetary value on anything more than understanding how quickly its worth was depreciating at an exponential rate. Before we move on with our guide, pleaser registers yourself on official trading app and learn Online trading with Bitcoin Smarter.

The United States dollar is a system that is depreciating with each new dollar digitally produced and deposited into the checking accounts of the world’s top one %. It is deposited into their trust funds if they need a new bank rescue loan or a bond fund loan from the government.

Afterward, they take the new cash and place it in the asset holdings of their portfolio. While the loan/money printing that provided them with those dollars continues to eat away at the purchasing value of everybody else’s U.S. dollar savings, they are abandoning the dollar.

Loan welfare for the top 1% of the income distribution, in which they get the vast bulk of freshly created cash, which they use to play musical chairs within their preferred asset market. This mechanism ensures that virtually none of the newly created money liquidity reaches people at the bottom of the economic ladder who depend on the dollar for subsistence. 

Throughout the year, they always get the lion’s share of the newly created digital money via loans to be invested in their assets while just paying their workers the minimal minimum. Even the bare minimum is no longer sufficient to ensure survival; instead, it is the bare minimum that they can get away with since the minimum salary is no longer enough to cover the increasing expenses of rent.

The wealthiest one % of the population can afford to take the most significant debts out of us. Some have even been able to compel the government to provide them with huge loans or even purchase their shares, resulting in the digital printing of new money. 

It is only necessary to go back to the same 2008 bailouts that prompted Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin in the first place to see instances of these forced loans and forced stock purchasing schemes for the world’s most powerful banks and companies.

“Troubled Asset Relief Program,” a page on Wikipedia that accurately describes events, has a list of all bailout recipients and is a good source of information. One of the reasons for creating this program was that banks and businesses advertised themselves as “Too Big To Fail.” It is a regressive tax that is not well known. Repression in the financial sector “A set of policies that governments may use to decrease their debt, accompanied by inflation,” says the dictionary.

“Corporate welfare programs” are another component of this money-printing scenario for the top 1% of the income distribution. Programs in which governments provide money handouts, tax exemptions and other special preferential treatment to companies that are in the top one % of the financial world are known as crony capitalism.

The loan-based, asset-hoarding pyramid scheme that underpins the creation of new dollars in the United States is essentially a loan-based, asset-hoarding pyramid scheme with a few additional stages. One is collapsing at ever-increasing rates with each increase in inflation and seeing no increase in wages due to wage stagnation brought on by corporate greed.

It breaks apart even more with each new digitally produced dollar, which compels them to print even more dollars to pay off previous obligations, resulting in even more outstanding debts in the process of paying them off. The repetition of this bleeding debt, money creation cycle is driving the inflationary buying power loss of the United States dollar to increase exponentially faster over time, as seen in the chart below.

They will have enough money to launch their rockets into space and yet have more money left over than they would ever be able to spend in their whole lives combined. But, yes, some of them have promised to give everything away when they die, and they have informed us that it is OK for them to do so.