Top 10 Benefits of Replacing Your Old Radiators

By  //  October 21, 2021

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Is your old radiator beginning to feel like more trouble than it’s worth? Even if your current radiator isn’t causing you any problems just yet, it’s important to bear in mind that some serious problems can arise at any moment.

This is especially true if you have had your current heating appliance for a longer period of time than its warranty period suggests. So what are the benefits of replacing your old radiators? Read on for the top 10 benefits, so you can justify splashing out on a brand-new heating system, it will definitely be worth it! 


It is important to remember that not all radiators are equal! Radiator performance degrades as time goes on, and modern radiators are 50% more efficient than those manufactured in the year 2000! A modern radiator will begin to pay for itself through decreased energy bills. They can channel water much more efficiently while also having the ability to use less water. If you are unsure, use a BTU calculator to decide upon your new radiator, and never just simply guess. This will save you loads down the line. 

Reduction of Sludge

Radiators build up sludge over time, so getting yourself a brand-new modern radiator from can counteract this problem. Issues sludge can cause include rusting, as well as hindering your radiator from running to its full capacity due to sludge blockages. ~New radiators have system filters installed, which can help with this issue. 


Your old radiator is costing you far more than you may realise. New, modern radiator models will save you cash down the line, with little maintenance or repairs necessary to keep them in ship shape. 

Modernising your Home

Radiators are no longer a simple heating appliance. This may be their primary function, but there is much more to them than that! They should be an integral part of your home interior design. Models such as a vertical radiator by Stelrad combine style and functionality, allowing you to express your creativity, showcase your own style and warm your home simultaneously. 

Choice of Colour

Modern radiators have the ability to come in any colour you wish to choose. Older models do not always have this option, but new appliances have the potential to come in any colour you do so wish, coated in drip free heat resistant paint. 


New radiators have the ability to be far more eco-friendly. As well as the benefit of saving you cash annually, they will also allow you to do your own bit for the environment. Look for models with eco-friendly functionality and you’ll be on to a winner. 

New Technology

Older models of radiator are temperamental. You cannot always adjust the temperature to how you would like it. With the use of inbuilt mechanisms like thermostatic radiator valves, you can adjust your radiator to as hot as you like in an instant. 

Less Leaks

New radiators are more likely to stand the test of time. This means less leaks due, even when the water pressure increases. Leaks can be fixed quite easily, but a new radiator will allow you to take a shortcut and bypass this issue. 

Trust Worthy Pipework

For radiators and boilers alike, maintaining the pipework is key. A new radiator will be built in a way that lasts, meaning there are less issues, less maintenance and less stressful situations to overcome. 

Even Distribution of Heat

Older radiators often distribute heat in an uneven manner! New models will allow you to have a permanent heating appliance that keeps you warm all day and night, in any and every area within your home.