Use Of SharePoint Across Various Industries

By  //  October 29, 2021

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Microsoft launched SharePoint in 2001, way before collaborative software was trending. SharePoint allows organizations to share work, manage documents and store relevant project data. Today, in the age of globalization and digitization, when internet accessibility is wide, companies try to keep their employees in a loop. SharePointensures that all employees are updated, and they get an overview of the project development. 

SharePoint was initially introduced as a document management software, but over the years, companies learned to utilize it per their own needs and requirements. Today, SharePoint is widely used for record management, project management and team collaboration. Once dubbed as a failure, SharePoint has now gained its fair share of success. Here is how different industries are reliant on this software. 

Software development 

SharePoint was developed to ensure convenience in data sharing leading to effective software development. Several tech giants and development companies use SharePoint to ensure that they deliver top-notch service. 

Software development requires the amalgamation of complex algorithms, codes and back-end integration. Several developers are involved in the process, and they work on different aspects of the final product. 

This requires effective team collaboration and data sharing. SharePoint allows these companies to store their project on a common platform so they can be accessed by everyone on the team. Additionally, companies also amend their workflows so they can present their work to clients. 


Healthcare on this list may come off as a surprise because of the strict data protection compliances. Initially, healthcare could not benefit from this software because certain levels of patient privacy had to be maintained. 

However, Microsoft worked diligently with the industry experts to create an all-new SharePointhealthcare solution. Hospitals can now maintain intra-organizational records and manage vital information for effective patient care. 

Additionally, the healthcare industry can now promote inter-organizational and intra-organizational collaboration to come up with effective solutions. Also, hospitals deal in the bulk of data, so SharePointalso assists in efficient record management. 


Finance has always been at the forefront of technological use. This industry deals in data analysis and complex data calculations. Therefore, it is crucial for them to get their hands on relevant data. 

One of the primary functions of finance is to approve loans and determine interest rates according to their client’s credit score. Now, the credit score is managed by different companies that deal in credit cards. 

So, there was a need for integrated data storage. SharePoint allows finance companies to store their data on common cloud storage for easy access. 

Also, SharePointensures complete compliance with the GDPR regulations for complete data security because this sector deals in highly sensitive user information. Hence, SharePoint has proven to be an efficient record management software for this industry. 

Human Resources 

The HR industry has to perform a very crucial task for their organization, which is hiring eligible candidates. For this reason, they require a comprehensive database such as SharePoint HR of candidates and their resumes to make a thorough analysis and decide a pool. 

Additionally, HR departments also collaborate with each other to prepare an extensive database of employees who could be hired in the future. Also, this database helps them in creating a talent pipeline and keeping in touch with talented candidates. 

Moreover, HR has to manage their office and employees and keep track of their progress. They are also expected to keep a record of their employees and prepare a performance report. 

For this reason, they require data storage and record management software. SharePoint HR solutions help the HR department in archiving crucial records and managing them. Also, SharePointacts is a collaborative software across this industry.