What Is Property Management Software? And Tips For Finding The Perfect Tenant

By  //  October 2, 2021

Being a good property manager requires skills, experience, but above all, good tools. Between managing and performing day-to-day tasks, a lot of documents need to be appropriately administered.

When we think of property management, we often think of basic activities without suspecting all the work behind it: leases, signatures, list of contacts, work, renewals, increases, accounting, marketing, communication.

Fortunately, several tools are now available to property managers to support them in their busy daily life. Thus was born the perfect tool: property management software.

Briefly, a property management solution is a computer program that helps you take charge of specific tasks related to the administration of a property portfolio and automate processes that will save you a lot of time. 

To put it simply, management software is a tool that  makes the task of the real estate agency easier. The experts carefully designed it to simplify the actions of sale, purchase, rental and rental management. It is, in a way, the magic wand of all professionals in the sector.

The software is a tool that meets the specific needs of experts in the real estate industry. It is not a luxury! It allows you to perform many tasks in seconds. It, therefore, facilitates the work of the real estate agency and thus saves time and money. This is why many professionals use it daily to manage their clients’ projects. 

This type of software is percent for property management companies and real estate experts.

What Uses Of Property Management Software?

real estate professionals started using real property management software in 2000. Since then, this software has become a valuable tool for the real estate business. Indeed, they ensure:

Better Organization Of Mandates

Quick and easy entry of all sales and rental mandates, etc.

The property management software allows you to quickly enter the data relating to each negotiated mandate and the possibility of modifying them at any time. Thus, all agency stakeholders will be up to date with negotiations and news concerning the files.

Distribution Of Real Estate Ads On Several Media

Property management software now has modules that allow more expansive rental, sale or management advertisements for real estate on dedicated portals.

Previously, this process was quite complicated and required physical travel to the press or other advertising medium.

A Rise In Real Estate Freelance

Property management software has robots that scan the web to detect news on specialized sites, that is, properties advertised by their owner.

This action allows you to expand your network and find more quickly the good that the customer is looking for.

Regular Record Keeping

The property management software must update the register of transaction mandates, the directory register, the register of acts, the register of management mandates and the commissioning of the deeds. Received. The advent of property management software has made it possible to automate this action and save significant time in foreclosure.

Property management software has become essential to the activity of any real estate agency. They support day-to-day tasks as well as legal and advertising tasks.

As An Individual, Can I Use Property Management Software?

If you are a real estate agent, you will certainly have provided a list of some software available on the market that offers more or less similar functionality.

But as an individual and if you have several rental properties to manage, we advise you to entrust them to our rental management agency to save time and money.

Here Are Some Tips For Finding The Best Teenat Screening Reviews

Finding a reliable and severe tenant is essential for a landlord to maximise their chances of renting their property without bad debts or damage.

You should receive the results of a comprehensive tenant screening review that will provide you with up-to-date and reliable information. Indeed, many are the “small owners” who have invested in credit, and for whom this type of incident can have a severe impact on their finances. Even if there is no miracle recipe and there is no such thing as zero risks, here are a few tips on how to best select your candidate tenant.

Here are 7 tips that will undoubtedly allow you to optimise your chances of success.

The Tenant’s Income

Obviously, a good tenant is, first of all, one who has enough income to pay his rent. Suppose most owners and agencies ask that the payment be at least 3x the rent to avoid bad debts. In that case, some are ready to lower this rate to 2.5x or even 2x to receive more applications. Indeed, suppose these candidates have only a few expenses apart from the rent. In that case, they will assume it and a candidate with higher incomes but having to repay credits.

Check The Supporting Documents To Ensure Its Solvency

The list of supporting documents required by the owner is now fixed and restrictive (no other copy can be requested than those listed): consult this list. These supporting documents allow the owner to verify the identity, current domicile, professional activity, and candidate’s income.

  •         cross-check the different data (employment contract, payslips, tax notice) to see if they are consistent,
  •         check the tax notice using the tax website,
  •         lookup the name of the company on the internet,
  •         call the employer, etc.

Hedge Against Bad Debts

There are several solutions to protect against bad debts. It is better to turn to candidates who give you solvency guarantees. The best known is, of course, the physical guarantor, that is to say, a person in the entourage of the tenant who is ready to pay the rent in the event of default on his part. It is also advisable to check their solvency by asking them for supporting documents, similar to those requested for the tenant.

Attention perhaps to the person who stands surety for the candidate: if it is a friend or his partner’s parents, for example, is there not a risk of seeing him disengage? More quickly than if it were his direct family? Many owners thus favour students whose parents stand surety because this type of profile presents a prior little risk in unpaid bills.