What Your Diamond Says to the World

By  //  October 26, 2021

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Wearing round engagement rings is the beloved choice of brides worldwide. Like most of us, you’re going to want to show it off to the world. After all, it isn’t every day you get a gorgeous diamond that’s beautiful, sparkling, and valuable.

For many people, being able to afford a fine diamond ring is a goal that takes years to achieve, so it’s no wonder you want to show it to the world. But what is your diamond saying to the world? You might be surprised by what people actually think as you flash it around.

You’re Engaged!

The immediate assumption will be that you’re engaged. After all, isn’t that why most women end up wearing a diamond ring? If you are indeed engaged, your diamond will tell the world you’re committed to your partner and moving to the next step in your relationship.

Your diamond tells the world that your fiancé values you, sees you as precious, and chose to give you an expensive symbol of undying love. 

You Have Great Taste

Your diamond also reflects your taste, and a round engagement ring is certainly an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry. Sophisticated women appreciate classic jewelry that will retain its value. These are the women who know wearing diamonds is a mark of distinction, sophistication, and wisdom.

The style and cut of your diamond will also reflect your personal style. Are you wearing a fabulous, round diamond flanked by sapphires set in a platinum band? Then people will see you as a lover of sleek, Art Deco style, personifying clean lines and sophistication.

If you’re wearing a heart-shaped diamond set in rose gold, the world is sure to assume you’re a true romantic. The halo engagement ring features a central gemstone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds are extremely popular right now.

They will show the world you’re contemporary and favor the latest fashion trends. Your vintage-style round engagement ring reflects your love of all things old-fashioned and intricate. Craftsmanship is the byword for vintage look diamond jewelry, featuring details like sculptured bands, milgrain work, and elaborate mountings that set off the diamond to perfection.

You’re Successful

Wearing diamond jewelry tells the world you’ve arrived. Whether you buy yourself a gorgeous right-hand ring for yourself or your fiancé proposes with a round diamond solitaire, a diamond lets the world know you and your partner are financially successful and ready to make the big-ticket purchases that last a lifetime.

After all, a diamond is (as the old ads say) forever, so you’re investing in something that will never break, fall apart, or wear out. Will people someday stop seeing diamonds as status symbols reflecting your comfortable lifestyle? Not likely – diamonds have been sought after by kings, queens, emperors, and pharaohs for thousands of years. They are still the symbol of excellence around the world.

Is There a Subtler Message?

However, there’s also a hidden undercurrent of judgment when the world checks out your diamond ring. It may be unspoken, but many people will ooh and aah over your ring while silently wondering how much you paid for it and whether you can afford it.

They may think you paid too much money to get a large or flawless stone. Part of this may be jealousy, but there will those who genuinely worry that you’ve overextended yourself if you’re usually smart with money but are sporting a diamond sparkler that seems out of your reach.

Is it anyone else’s business? Absolutely not, but that won’t stop people from judging. If you’re worried there may be a subtle undercurrent of judgment about the beauty and size of your ring, keep in mind that they only understand what they see – your gorgeous diamond – and not whether your or your fiancé is a savvy shopper.

How to Say You Have Great Taste AND Shopping Savvy

Do you owe the world an explanation of what your ring costs? No, but you can certainly let people know that you and your fiancé not only have exquisite taste in jewelry but that you are savvy shoppers who know how to get maximum bang for your buck. Fine jewelry stores often over-inflate the price of diamond engagement rings because they know they will always have a thriving market.

People aren’t going to stop getting engaged any time soon. You may get a beautiful ring, but if you’ve overpaid, the world may see you as more of a sucker than an intelligent shopper. 

If the jeweler sells you a ring that you can’t compare because they don’t give you information on cut, clarity, carat weight, and color, you’re shopping blind, and your friends may end up thinking you simply overspent to impress. Taking the time to shop around is one way to avoid paying too much for a diamond.

You also get the chance to look at more styles, compare the quality of the rings, and purchase the exact kind you long for.

At SuperJeweler, you can browse thousands of diamond engagement rings that are masterfully crafted and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. The jewelry is priced lower than competitors’ jewelry because we source our diamonds worldwide, then have our own jewelers create beautiful rings that are guaranteed to please even the most discerning woman.

Shopping at SuperJeweler is easy because we clearly give you all the information you need to make an intelligent purchase. The color, clarity, cut, and carat weight are displayed on every listing so that you can make a clear comparison. We have customer service representatives who can answer all your questions, and we back every purchase with our satisfaction guarantee. 

You don’t have to tell people what you paid for your diamond, but if you say, “We found it at SuperJeweler,” they’ll know you got superior quality at a great price. The world will know your ring is a great value as well as a stunning symbol of your love. So now the world knows you’re successful, tasteful, and intelligent. That’s a combination almost as stunning as your diamond ring!

Written by Lori Hilliard