Which Types of Gambling Are Legal in Pennsylvania

By  //  October 18, 2021

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The landscape of the gambling industry in the United States is confusing. If you don’t fully understand what you can and can’t do, you’re not alone. Thousands of people are in the same predicament because it’s not a federal issue. States get to select their own laws, which makes the topic even harder to understand.

With that in mind, it’s important to evaluate individual states to ensure you’re acting within the law. Today, we’re going to look at Virginia and ask the question, which types of wagering are legal in Old Dominion?

What You Can Bet on in Virginia

Surprisingly for a conservative state like Virginia, there are several verticals you can place bets on, both online and in person. The main one is sports betting as it has recently been legalized, along with Daily Fantasy Sports. Although physical sportsbooks don’t exist yet, it appears as though they are being developed.

Then there is horse racing. Historically, wagering on horse racing has been allowed for a while. It did slow down, but pari-mutuel betting returned to Virginia in 2019 after being dormant since 2014. Thanks to the likes of TVG, online horse racing is legal in Virginia too. Lastly, lotteries, sweepstakes casinos and social casinos are permitted.

What You Can’t Bet on in Virginia

The list of activities you can’t gamble on is smaller in size, yet it’s just as impactful. Why? It’s because casino services are banned, whether online or at land-based establishments. If you’re someone who hopes this will change in the future, it’s best not to hold your breath, as there isn’t any legislation being debated in Virginia’s Congress currently.

However, there is a possible loophole because, while tribal casinos don’t yet exist, tribes have agreed with the Governor to build at least four brick-and-mortar buildings. They are still under construction and are expected to open at some point in 2022. Online casinos could easily follow suit.

Could Virginia Become a Full-Service Gambling State?

Virginia is in the process of transforming into a full-service wagering state. People find this strange due to the region’s politics, which aren’t liberal on the subject of gambling. However, a couple of benefits of the wagering industry work in VA’s favor.

A projected advantage is the resources that legalization will bring. As Virginia has high unemployment and poverty rates, it requires more money to boost the quality of living. If the online casino in Penn state is the same as the sports handle, which equates to a 15% tax rate on all revenues generated, it’s not hard to see why the public and lawmakers are considering new moves. The launch of physical casinos will pave the way as they also create jobs.

The Future of Wagering in Virginia

The immediate future is bright. Sports betting went active in January 2021, making it perfectly legal for residents or indeed anybody within the state’s borders. Plus, the vertical will expand rapidly as more operators launch sportsbooks. Land-based casinos are on the horizon, too, with four in  Bristol, Danville, Norfolk, and Portsmouth already being built. This is on top of the activities that were already allowed, such as horse racing wagering.

Online casinos are still illegal, but there should be more demand for this rule to end as the attitudes towards the sector evolve and demand increases.