4 Common Types of Tummy Tuck Procedures

By  //  November 28, 2021

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A tight and taut tummy is what most men and women desire, but in reality, it does not happen in most cases because the abdominal area is most prone to unwanted fat accumulation that results in bloated tummies.

Removing abdominal fat by exercising or mainly dieting proves futile because the rate of fat accumulation is much higher than the rate of fat melting.

Moreover, uncontrolled eating habits and an unhealthy diet compounds the problem.  Weight gain, aging, and pregnancies are some of the causes of quickly accumulating abdominal fat, and people are constantly struggling to maintain a trimmed waistline. 

Lifestyle choices also aggravate the problem, and for a long-term solution, it is better to undergo the procedure of tummy tuck under an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

The surgeon is aware of many types of tummy tucks and can recommend a procedure that suits you the best. No matter which type of procedure you choose, it should help remove excess fat and skin around the abdomen, resulting in a much flatter and toned belly that creates intelligent and attractive looks.

 Standard tummy tuck

The standard tummy tuck is the most common cosmetic procedure for removing abdominal fat that helps reshape the lower abdominal area and tone it up. The procedure is most appropriate for women after childbirth.  The surgeon makes an incision between the belly button and the pubic area across the hips, allowing the removal of fatty tissue and excess skin optimally. 

Followed by the liposuction procedure, the surgeon creates the perfect contour of the site that now looks flatter.  The procedure results in tightening of the abdominal muscles while reshaping the abdominal walls. To create a natural and symmetrical look after the procedure, the surgeon usually repositions the belly button. The tummy tuck incisions remain hidden under the bathing suit or undergarments. 

Extended tummy tuck

When it requires removing too much excess fat from the lower abdomen and the love handles around the hips and lower back, the extended tummy tuck should work well.

The incision made above the pubic area is much broader and covers the abdominal area from end to end, even extending to the back of both hips.

The procedure removes excess fatty tissues and skin, and liposuction helps contour the abdomen after completing the procedure to make it look shapely. This procedure too involves the removal and repositioning of the belly button to achieve a natural look. 


This abdominal procedure of cosmetic surgery is applicable for those who lose considerable weight. Excessive weight loss to the tune of 100 pounds after bariatric surgery leaves a lot of excess skin and folds of fat and skin known as apron. The tummy tuck procedure is much more complex than the other abdominoplasty procedures as it removes a substantial amount of tissue. Although the incision covers both hips, the procedure does not affect the abdominal muscles and belly button.

Reverse tummy tuck

Unlike the other procedures that target the pubic area, reverse tummy tuck targets the portion just below the breasts.  The surgeon makes one long incision or two small incisions under the breasts or sometimes in the breast folds. After removing the excess skin and fat from the upper torso, the surgeon folds it upward toward the breast area. 

This procedure can take place along with breast enhancement surgeries too.