5 Famous Athletes Known for Using CBD: These Are Their Stories

By  //  November 2, 2021

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(DOD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Carlos M. Vazquez II)

Athletes are some of the most hardworking people in the world. They can achieve things with their bodies that most of us can barely conceive of. But because the human body isn’t designed to endure that kind of treatment for long periods of time, pain is somewhat inevitable.

There are a few athletes who turn to CBD to help them with their problems. These are their stories.

David Wells, Baseball Pitcher

David Wells is a two-time World Series Champion and is especially known for his perfect pitching. He has pitched for nine different teams, adding up to over 680 games.

But it’s because of this that he has several injuries that required surgery. These include two elbow surgeries, two knee surgeries, and two back surgeries. He has been retired since 2007, but those aches and pains continue to linger. No one knows for sure if he buys from an online shop for CBD hemp oil, but he is definitely an advocate for CBD products.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, Beach Volleyball Player

Kerri Jennings has won over $2 million during her volleyball career, and is considered one of the greatest athletes in the sport, with 133 victories under her belt.

She is also an advocate for CBD, stating that it helps her to sleep and helps to improve her overall well-being. CBD has been known to boost a person’s positive mood, which is quite beneficial when one is spiking volleyballs on the competition.

Rob Gronkowski, Super Bowl Champion

Rob Gronkowski has won the Super Bowl four times and is considered one of the more popular NFL players on the field. He’s capable of charging through tacklers as well we covering downfield like nobody’s business.

Not only does he promote CBD products, he became an investor with a particular CBD brand to get the word out there and help others who may need these products.

Paul Pierce, NBA Champion

Paul Pierce is known for his non-stop drive, being a good leader, and pulling off smooth jump shots that kids dream about pulling off. He would reach the NBA Finals in 2008, and then never looked back. Even after his retirement, he continues to offer his expertise in the sport by becoming a TV sports analyst.

He also became involved in launching his own CBD brand, called The Truth CBD Remedies.

Nate Diaz, MMA Fighter

MMA fighting can be a rough and bloody sport, with injuries and bruises becoming a regular occurrence. Nate Diaz has won Fight Of The Night eight times throughout his career and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping.

He has been seen using a CBD vape pen, and even brought it with him to one of his interviews. He’s actually proud to use it, especially when more and more MMA fighters have garnered an interest in other CBD products.

There are many reasons why athletes may choose to use CBD, whether it’s for pain, anxiety, calming nerves, or helping them get to sleep at night. However, remember to speak to your doctor first before going out and buying CBD products to see if they’re right for you.