6 Valuable And Beautiful Stones And What They Are Used For

By  //  November 13, 2021

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The world is full of beautiful things. One of those beautiful things is stones. Stones are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have many practical purposes as well! In this article, we will explore six stones that are both valuable and beautiful. Keep reading for the list.


A diamond is a clear gemstone that has been prized for thousands of years. While diamonds are still used in engagement rings and other jewelry pieces today, they also have many practical applications! Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth, with a hardness of ten on the Mohs scale.

You can find diamonds worldwide, with some of the largest sources being India, Russia, and Canada. However, diamonds aren’t just mined; but they can also be created by volcanic eruptions. You can find diamonds being used on industrial cutting blades as well as in drill bits! Diamonds are also used to make semiconductors and those red, glowing lasers you see on science shows.


Moldavites are green or dark-green colored stones that look like they could be from another planet. Meteorite impacts formed moldavites, so it’s no wonder why the rocks have such an extraterrestrial feel to them. Moldavites typically are found in Germany and Czechoslovakia but can also be found around the world.

Moldavites are not only beautiful, but they also have many metaphysical properties as well! Moldavite stones can help to strengthen your spiritual connection and awareness. You can buy these large pieces of Moldavite for jewelry, but they are also sold as decorative tchotchkes as well. So, if you need some extra energy in your life, why not try wearing a piece of Moldavite around?


Have you ever seen a blue topaz? If so, then it’s safe to say that this stone is one of the most beautiful ones out there! Topazes can be found in many colors, including red, yellow, orange, and pink, but they are typically known for their brilliant blues, which often look like they are glowing.

Topazes can be found worldwide, including in Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Russia. Most topaz stones are used to make jewelry pieces, but some of them are also used in electronics! These gorgeous gems have applications in aerospace engineering where they reflect infrared light away from equipment sensitive to heat. Some topaz gems also have a rare, watery blue color that can be used in watches to indicate the date.


Many people believe that amethysts are purple quartz, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Amethysts come from a completely different mineral family compared to common quartz. Most amethyst stones only grow in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and Russia.

Amethysts are used in many areas, including medicine, where they can be ground into powder as an antiseptic to prevent infection or stop bleeding. Amethysts have also been given mystical properties throughout history due to their solid purple color, associated with royalty! People believed that amethyst stones could protect them from intoxication and promote calmness.


Who doesn’t love opals? Opals are the most precious type of common quartz because they come in such an array of colors! They can be found in almost every color that you could think of, including dark blue, pink, purple, gold, and even green. However, no two pieces of opal are ever completely identical, which makes them even more unique.

Opals can be found worldwide, with Australia, Mexico, and Ethiopia being their largest sources. Many cultures have used these beautiful stones throughout history, including Egyptians, who saw them as a symbol of hope! Opals like amethysts also come in an opaque variety used in electronics to protect people from harmful radiation. Anyone who is looking for a stone that has it all should check out opal!


Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone because it was only recently discovered, which means that no one knew about its existence before 1967. You can find this beautiful blue stone in Tanzania, typically mined by hand due to its small size and delicate nature.

Tanzanite stones were originally used as an alternative for the more expensive sapphire but were not widely popular until the 1990s. These stones are used in many different areas, including medicine, where they can be ground into powder and applied to wounds or ingested to help stop bleeding! Tanzanite is also precious because it’s one of the rarest gems on Earth, which means that these beautiful pieces will only continue to rise in value as they become more complex and harder to find.

In conclusion, if you want to buy any of these stones for yourself or someone else, make sure that you do your research first! These beautiful pieces come in all shapes and sizes, but they each serve their purposes. This article has highlighted just a few of the most popular and rare stones that you can find.