Bathroom Design Trends 2022

By  //  November 24, 2021

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If you are decorating a new house or apartment, or you want to update your bathroom design, you should familiarize yourself with the most fashionable trends. This will help you make your bathroom a very stylish space and the hallmark of your home.

Today we offer to your attention 9 fashionable solutions to try in 2022.

Spectacular Chandelier

Forget about the modest lamps or light bulbs hidden in the ceiling – this is all left in the last century. Spectacular chandeliers that attract attention are now in vogue. This is especially true for high ceilings. Choose a large, original designer chandelier and it will definitely make the right impression.

Designer Sinks And Baths

Bathroom washbasins can have a wide variety of designs, differ in the type of installation, material, and color. Design bathroom sinks can be an accent element in every bathroom. By the way, in the new decade, design solutions are also relevant for commercial sinks, for example, black stone options as suggested by Aquatica (

Colored Tiles

Colored tiles of small and medium size are at the peak of popularity and will be trending for many years to come. You can choose the brightest colors (cobalt blue, tropical green, burgundy, orange, pink, etc.). For those who are not ready to turn the room into a bright spot, a great option is to make one accent wall with bright-colored tiles.

Plant Motives

Closer to nature is another trend that will remain relevant for bathroom design for a long time. Add fresh plants, decorate walls with tiles with tropical patterns, etc. The goal is to create the effect of a wild jungle and unity with nature in your bathroom.


Why not? Many consider this a very impractical solution, but if you choose waterproof materials then you can make your bathroom look very beautiful. If the area allows, you can add a beautiful chair or a pouf with a small table to bring more life to your bathroom.

Natural Stone

However, this is not about white marble. It is considered old-fashioned. Pay attention to color solutions.

Wellness Spot

A real spa center at home is another trend. Shower with different modes of operation, freestanding bath, sauna or home steam room, aromatherapy – let it all be in your bathroom. You can create extra coziness with beautiful towels, candles and various accessories.

Open Shower Area

If your bathroom isn’t big enough to have a freestanding bathtub, you might want to consider an open shower. This will visually enlarge the space and add style to this room. Opt for frameless glass doors or with thin black frames for a minimalist look.

East Style

Mysterious oriental notes that appear in the interior design of the bathroom look fresh and picturesque. As soon as you add a tile with an ornament, the whole space will immediately transform. However, it is not worth overloading and the emphasis should be one: floor, wall, or furniture.