Best CBD Black Friday Deals: Get Exclusive Access To 2021’s Top CBD & Delta 8 THC Cyber Monday Deals & Sale

By  //  November 24, 2021

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Black Friday is right around the corner, and brands across the board are putting together some amazing deals this year. The timing is perfect, and the deals are outstanding. What better opportunity to stock up on some much-needed CBD? 

CBD is a major go-to miracle treatment for chronic pain, muscle aches, anxiety, and overall holistic wellness. Most people swear by this natural therapeutic compound that offers all of the calming health benefits of medicinal marijuana without the high. 

Black Friday comes around only once a year, and it is a great chance to try your hand at the amazing CBD products that you have been meaning to give a shot. 

But, with hundreds of brands pouring all of their efforts into advertising their exclusive sales, it gets a little tricky finding the truly ace deals from the absolute best Delta 8 brands in the market. 

We value your time, so to make the most of this year’s CBD Black Friday sale, we have scoured through a medley of deals to find this comprehensive list of the top Delta 8 Brands available this Black Friday. 

The products we have picked are all-around brilliant for anxiety, chronic pain, muscle aches, joint pains, post-workout recovery, and bad sleep cycles.

2021’s Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale: Top Delta 8 & CBD Coupons

Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD & Delta 8 Brand For Amazing CBD Black Friday Deals

BudPop: Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals On Delta 8 THC & CBD Products

Hollyweed: Special Discounts 

CBDNorth: Great Savings on All CBD Products in Canada

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD & Delta 8 Brand For Amazing CBD Black Friday Deals


Let us start with the very best. Exhale Wellness is a leading CBD brand dealing exclusively with delta-8 THC and CBD products in several different variations. 

The brand offers every conceivable form of CBD, such as gummies, softgels, vape pens, capsules, and flowers. 

Their products are highly effective and very potent, given the delta-8 THC in the formula, which is different from the traditional delta-9 THC. If you have ever taken CBD, you are probably aware that delta-9 THC, otherwise known simply as THC, is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

It causes mild sedation and disorientation, nausea, and drowsiness. Delta-8, on the other hand, is not a psychoactive compound. Although it is structurally similar to delta-9, it does not cloud a person’s mind. 

With that said, this Los Angeles-based company creates its products with high-quality full-spectrum CBD extracted from hemp plants grown in state-certified farms based in Colorado. They are definitely worth the try if you have not had them already. The full-spectrum CBD paired with other potent cannabinoids creates a sense of relief and relaxation. 

Customers rave about the many positive effects they feel using Exhale’s CBD products. It provides overall stability and comfort by reducing stress and anxiety, fixing messed-up sleep cycles, and encouraging healthy, pain-free joints and muscles. 

This year, Exhale is pulling out all of the stops with its CBD Black Friday sale. You can save up to 35% for every $200 purchase. Even for a simple $120 purchase, you can save 25%, and there is a 30% percent save on a $160 purchase. 

That is a pretty good deal for top-of-the-line, all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free CBD products that use organic and locally grown hemp extract. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Offers

#2. BudPop: Exclusive Cyber Monday Deals On Most Potent Delta 8 THC CBD Products


Our second pick for this list is the Los Angeles-based company BudPop, offering incredible deals of up to 30% saving on a $175 purchase. 

BudPop was founded by a group of 20 something-year-olds that are enthusiastic about producing all-natural, locally sourced, broad-spectrum CBD products. They have a line of CBD products that includes gummies and flowers, although this brand is most famous for its delicious gummies. 

The best thing about BudPop is perhaps its range of specific-use CBD-infused gummies. They offer three different kinds for different purposes. 

■ CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies: These contain CBD paired with CBN, another naturally occurring cannabinoid that works synergistically as an effective sleep aid. 

■ CBD + CBG & Turmeric Gummies: CBG is another potent cannabinoid that is found in hemp plants and is particularly effective in reducing muscle soreness, joint pains, and inflammation. That paired with the turmeric makes these gummies a great solution for post-exercise recovery and chronic pain. 

■ CBD + Ashwagandha Gummies: Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that is internationally known for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and stress and boosting overall brain function. Paired with CBD, these gummies are an effective solution against low mental health and even depression. 

To add to that, these gummies use extracts from organically grown hemp plants, taste incredible, and are 100% safe for long-term use. BudPop follows a stringent policy of getting every single batch tested for bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides to make sure their customers get the very best. 

A little more about their deals this Black Friday, you can save around 25% after spending $125, and even for every $100 purchase, there is a 20% saving deal in store for you. With that said, we highly recommend trying this brand for its effective CBD solutions. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Best Offers

#3. Hollyweed: Special Discounts 


Offering an extensive range of CBD products with various potencies and ingredients, Hollyweed is one of the few CBD brands on the market that values the health and wellness of their customers.

The company has made quite a name for itself in the CBD market, with its affordable prices and high quality goods.

Hollyweed prides itself on providing a product for every kind of user, which is why they offer both CBD and delta-8 products in a wide variety of potencies and flavors. 

As of right now, let us walk through a few of its widely used and celebrated products that would interest any new or veteran CBD user. 

Vegan Delta-8 Gummies, in strengths of 25mg or 50mg per gummy. 

CBD flowers, available in eight unique strains.

CBD and delta-8 pre-rolls, providing convenience to users.

A variety of edibles, topicals, and oil tinctures. 

Among the medley of products, hands down, the most popular of the brand are the Delta-8 gummies, as they pack a punch with their high potency options. 

While Delta-8 is encouraged as a mild sedative that calms and relaxes you for a good night’s rest, CBD is suited for use any time of day, as it does not produce psychoactive effects or the feeling of being “high.”

This Black Friday, Hollyweed is offering buyers the chance to stock up on their favorite products at a steeply discounted rate. All orders will be eligible for a 40% discount, which is truly a deal that only comes around once a year. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed for the Best Offers

#4. CBDNorth: Great Savings on All CBD Products in Canada


As we mentioned, Black Friday is a great time to test new products that seem promising. So, what better time is there to indulge in this Canadian brand of full-spectrum CBD products that are sure to cure every ache and pain you have?

CBDNorth uses cannabinoid extracts from organically grown hemp plants from British Columbia, and their range of products is pretty impressive. 

From CBD oil tinctures to gummies for people and pets, here are just a few of their many products. 

Full-spectrum and CBD isolate oils with 500mg-2,000mg CBD. While the company admits to full-spectrum CBD being the more effective, they offer high-quality isolates to cater to everyone. 

THC-free CBD cream in both scented and unscented variants with synergistic plant oils to soothe muscle and joint pains. 

Vegan and organic CBD gummies with 20mg CBD per fruity-flavored gummy for dealing with everyday stress. 

THC-free CBD oil for anxious pets infused with organic CBD, wild salmon oil, and Omega-3s. 

With a range like that, CBDNorth is definitely worth the try. The company prides itself in using only locally sourced hemp grown according to Canadian state laws and undergoes rigorous tests for harmful compounds. 

As if that were not enough, the company follows a strict product testing discipline, with all of their batches tested for pesticide residue, harmful bacteria, and dangerous heavy metals.

CBDNorth believes in the power of CBD for holistic wellness and offers a variety of standing offers and deals for students, nurses, firefighters, veterans, and even athletes. However, this Black Friday, they have gone all out with some pretty amazing deals you should definitely look into. 

With a massive 30% off, you can pick and choose your CBD oils, gummies, creams, and a few essential treats for your pet, all without worrying about an empty wallet. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of CBDNorth for the Best Offers

#5. Diamond CBD: Get Variety Of Best Cbd Black Friday Deals


Diamond CBD is a one for all brand solution that offers pretty much every kind of CBD on the market in every desirable format. 

Their catalog includes creams, edibles, softgels, topicals, cartridges, as well as good old-fashioned oil tinctures. Beyond that, you can find products made from full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, delta-8, delta-10, and CBD isolates with separate formulas made for pets. 

The team at Diamond CBD consists of doctors and scientists that are determined to create the highest quality CBD on the market formulated to bring about the most health benefits. 

Their specific-use products are perfect for dealing with both day-to-day and extreme anxiety, as well as mild muscle aches to full-blown chronic pain.

This company creates these high-end products with the finest CBD extracted from organic U.S.-grown plants that meet the quality criteria of the state. On top of that, the brand conducts its quality check via third-party lab tests to make sure the final product is free of bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

Seeing as their catalog is so vast, it can get a little overwhelming browsing through their entire website. So, we have put together some of their most popular products that you should try out during their CBD Black Friday sale to save some time. 

Their full-spectrum CBD oil with 500mg CBD and 500mg delta-8 THC. 

Their delta-8 THC fruity mix gummies with 1000mg delta-8 THC and 250mg full-spectrum CBD. 

Their CBD isolate fruity gummy bears with 1,500mg per jar.

Their CBD isolates and delta-8 THC mix Watermelon-flavored gummies with 400mg CBD and 400mg delta-8 THC. 

Their Lawrence Taylor recovery cream with 250mg CBD isolates. 

Their 900mg delta-8 vape cartridges in a variety of flavors. 

Their unflavored full-spectrum CBD oil with 450mg CBD. 

These are just a few of the incredible products Diamond CBD has to offer that you can explore. So, make the most of their awesome deals this Black Friday, as they are offering 55% off of your order total. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD for the Best Offers

CBD Black Friday Sale Trends: The 2021 Edition 

There is no doubt the brands we mentioned offer some exciting deals that are bound to blow your mind. But, it is not just them preparing for hefty shopper traffic. Black Friday is a golden shopping day with the biggest shopping crowds the nation has ever seen, so a lot of brands apart from CBD companies are looking to cash in on this shoppers delight. 

Black Friday is historically recognized as the day after Thanksgiving. Traditionally, the week after Thanksgiving is seen to be the prime shopping time for Christmas, so that is when most brands would offer sales to draw people in. Somewhere down the line, the first day of that week became known as Black Friday to kick off a busy week of commerce. 

Here is another fun fact for you. The term ‘Black Friday’ was first coined by the police that would try to maintain order among the massive herd of vehicles they would see right after Thanksgiving. All the cars, buses, and the smoke they brought gave rise to the term we all use.  

Now, ever since the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, there has been a rising number of CBD companies popping up across the country trying to take advantage of CBD’s rapidly growing popularity. 

And, you can be sure they will try to attract business with their own deals during this year’s CBD Black Friday sale. However, who is to say some of these brands are not lacking in quality?

Not every CBD brand in the state follows the stringent rules placed on CBD manufacturers that ensure safety and quality. Many brands also skip out on final batch testing that ensures the product is safe for long-term use. 

However, it is never okay to take a chance on health, no matter how much money you save. That is exactly why we have prepared our recommendations with not only the best deals but also the safest, highest-quality CBD brands around. 

FAQs: Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday 

Q. How Did Black Friday Begin? 

Black Friday started out as an unofficial holiday in the United States as the day after Thanksgiving. Since it was a day off and the timing was leading into the Christmas season, retail stores lowered prices and offered one-day sales to attract people. 

Eventually, largely because of the internet and online retail stores, more and more countries like the U.K. started adopting the entire concept of Black Friday around 2014. It was seen as an advantageous opportunity since shoppers were already in the spirit to spend around this time with Christmas right around the corner. 

Q. When Is Black Friday in 2021?

Black Friday is fast approaching on the 26th of November in 2021. 

Every year, Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday of November, and Black Friday occurs the day after. 

Q. What Is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the second-biggest shopping event of any year after Black Friday. It was coined to refer to how people would take the Thanksgiving weekend to browse around malls and stores and window-shop and then come back to work on Monday to their computers and buy whatever they picked out over the weekend online. 

This event was put in place to first take a bit of the edge off of Black Friday and discourage people from spending all of their money in one day. Also, the event came about when online retailers wanted to get a fair shot at earning some of the stupendous amounts of money some of their retail store counterparts get to make on Black Friday. 

Q. When Is Cyber Monday in 2021?

This year, Cyber Monday will fall on the 29th of November. Cyber Monday always falls on the first Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend in any given year. 

Q. Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday One-Day Events?

Technically, yes. Traditionally, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday started out as one-day events. Stores would bring down their prices a lot and offer some pretty incredible deals that lasted only one day. The next day, they would be back to their usual prices. However, over time, retail stores opted to keep their sales up until Cyber Monday. So, a four-day shopping frenzy was born. 

Eventually, as even more time passed, the retail and online stores realized there was still a vast number of shoppers that were willing to spend more if the deals were still in place. So, the sales would start early in November and sometimes as early as mid-October. 

Even this year, gaming hardware stores were offering early Black Friday deals already. 

So, while you will not find the same high-end exclusive deals any other time, chances are you can take advantage of some really cool Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals throughout November. 

FAQs: Best CBD Black Friday Deals [Products & Brands]

Q. How Can I Find the Best CBD Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Online?

There are a couple of different ways you can look for good deals that are actually worthwhile.  

For starters, we recommend looking up your favorite CBD brands if you are a long-time user to see if they are offering any exciting deals. 

You could also simply ask some friends and family if they have any recommendations. 

Although, if you are a first-time user looking to explore a few different options and would like to take advantage of Black Friday, then you cannot go wrong with the brands we have mentioned above. With the kind of deals they are offering, it is an almost guarantee you will not break the bank. 

Q. How Can I Find the Best CBD Products This Black Friday?

The number one thing to keep in mind is to not get carried away by a discount. Just because the product is cheap does not mean it is high quality. 

For absolute first-time users, we recommend opting for either CBD isolates or broad-spectrum CBD products because they are milder. So, you can figure out your tolerance before going toward full-spectrum CBD. You might also want to use either gummies or capsules since they are more convenient, with each piece having a fixed amount of CBD. 

If you have used CBD before, though, you can pick out a good product by figuring out what kind of CBD you like and then what potency you prefer, whether it is 1,000mg or 1,500mg, etc. 

Q. What CBD Brands Should I Avoid This Black Friday? 

It is important to choose brands that opt for all-natural ingredients since those are usually the safest and most potent formulas. Furthermore, avoid brands that use foreign-grown CBD extract. Seeing as the U.S. has very strict quality control rules on farms growing hemp, locally grown hemp tends to be safer and free of harmful pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. The same cannot be said for any internationally grown hemp unless they offer proof via COAs.

On that note, steer clear of brands that either refuse to display their COAs or do not conduct any to begin with, as that is a massive red flag. 

Q. Can I Take Advantage of CBD Black Friday Sales and Deals if I Live Outside of the U.S.?

That depends on the brand. There are a lot of CBD brands that ship internationally, and you can find their shipping and pricing policies online on their website. However, there are a lot of brands that do not ship internationally. For instance, CBDNorth ships all across Canada but not internationally, so you cannot benefit from their deals if you do not live in Canada. 

Q. Do the Above-Mentioned Products Offer Any Black Friday Deals?

Of course. We cannot say what they are conclusively for all of the brands, but here is what we know for sure.

Exhale Wellness is offering a 20%, 25%, and 30% save on every $120, $160, and $200 spent, respectively. 

BudPop is offering a 20%, 25%, and 30% save on every $100, $125, and $175 spent, respectively. 

CBDNorth is offering a 30% discount on all products. 


Q. What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant, which is a cousin to the cannabis plant. CBD is one of the compounds found in marijuana and is by itself non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a ‘high.’ In fact, it actually acts as a sort of buffer or counter to THC, the psychoactive high-producing compound in marijuana, by reducing the anxiety and queasiness it produces. 

CBD has gained a lot of popularity in the states as of late for its many health benefits, including a reduction in chronic pain and post-workout recovery, reduction in anxiety and stress, and increase in overall wellness and focus. It also acts as an organic sleep aid. 

Q. Isolates, Broad-Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum CBD: What Is the Difference?

Here is how all three kinds of CBD are different. 

■ Isolates: these are the purest form of CBD and, therefore, have the lowest potency. Most beginners are urged to use CBD isolates when starting out, and they work best in topicals like creams for muscle and joint aches. 

■ Full-Spectrum: these contain other cannabinoid compounds that occur in the hemp plant, including THC. However, they do not make you high since there is less than 0.3% THC in any product according to U.S. state laws. These work best for extreme anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain since they provide the entourage effect and are most potent. 

■ Broad-Spectrum: these contain all other cannabinoid compounds from the hemp plant except THC. They are also very potent but do not produce the entourage effect. However, they are still very good for intense stress and anxiety and joint and muscle pains.

Q. What Conditions Can Be Managed with CBD?

CBD offers a medley of health-related benefits and is especially helpful for the following issues. 

Chronic Pain

Depression and Anxiety



Muscle Cramps and Joint Pains

Acne and Skin Issues

Q. Can I Give CBD to My Pet Dog/Cat?

Yes, you can. CBD actually works really well for pets. It can help them with anxiety and heart and joint issues, and it can also improve the quality of their fur. 

However, we do not recommend giving your own CBD oil to your pet. Brands like CBDNorth and Diamond CBD produce pet-specific CBD products with super foods and nutrients that will prove beneficial for your pet. 

Final Thoughts On Best CBD Black Friday Deals & Delta 8 THC Cyber Monday 2021

This year’s Black Friday is bound to get intense, with people rushing over to find the best deals from the best brands they did not even know existed. It is almost inevitable things will get messy. Unless, of course, you do your research beforehand. 

We hope to save you time and energy with this list so you know exactly where to go for a much-needed CBD fix. 

We have included only the best brands that offer all of their batch testings online right on their site and have hundreds of positive reviews. Our top two picks for the best CBD brands are Exhale Wellness and BudPop on the basis of their high-quality products. 

Finally, make sure to have fun with your shopping spree this Black Friday!