Buy Cryptocurrency Exchange “White Label” — a Short Path to Start a Crypto Business

By  //  November 2, 2021

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White Label software is one of the most affordable options for launching your cryptocurrency exchange. This business startup option is often compared to outsourcing when software development is outsourced to a third-party company. 

But in the case of buying a “White Label” solution, everything is even easier: you don’t have to wait for the work to be finished, control the progress of the work and accept the risk of possible failure. After all, the “White Label” solution is a finished product that you can try by yourself and, after making cosmetic changes to the design, quickly get a working trading platform with your brand.

The “White Label” software is rapidly developing all over the world. For the cryptocurrency market, easy-to-develop crypto wallets and crypto exchanges have become a mass phenomenon. But cryptocurrency exchanges are much more complex and costly. But there are suggestions about b2b crypto exchange

Compared to in-house development (or ordering products from third-party developers), the option of buying a “White Label” cryptocurrency exchange is characterized by the following advantages:

fast deployment (from two weeks to two months);

lower financial expenses (5-10 times cheaper);

higher potential for a higher return on investment;

lower costs for technical support and development in the long term (labor costs, staffing);

freeing up the time required to plan and implement a specialized development plan and business management;

the development and technological development cycle is not interrupted and does not require resources for recovery.

But white label crypto exchange also have disadvantages, which include:

The need for one-time initial software purchase costs (upfront capital);

the need for detailed examination and testing of the proposed solution;

because of the significant presence of unscrupulous developers in this area;

the uniformity of the architecture;

the possible lack of vendor support and problems with the long-term backing;

the potential need of the developer’s intermediation in the exchange users’ funds flow (with the charging of fees);

possibility of vendors increasing the cost of licenses to use “White Label” software in the future (in case you initially accept the terms of subscription fees).

Thus, “White Label” cryptocurrency exchanges will be useful for entrepreneurs with small starting capital. A plus is also the possibility of rebranding the exchange with relatively small costs.

What makes a cryptocurrency exchange attractive is not only the various trading functionality, but also the high trading activity. That’s why any exchange needs a filled order book, which makes the process of buying and selling fast and smooth, and the work with the exchange — seamless and stable, without sudden jumps and chaos.

And your conclusion on whether you want this kind of work from your platform will determine the initial requirements for the initial liquidity “White Label” of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Although all turnkey solutions for launching crypto exchanges perform essentially the same tasks, the elaboration of solutions, the basic functionality available, and, especially, the terms of use (one-time payment upon purchase or ongoing monthly fees) vary greatly among developers.