Do You Know Why Memes Go Viral

By  //  November 15, 2021

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You open up the internet, be it to check the status update of your friends, Facebook stories, or Instagram posts, you are sure to stumble upon a meme. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a good hearty laugh now and then? Meme makers make it a point to keep the subject matter simple for the easy understanding of all.

And the subtle humor added to them does the trick. It’s hard to find people who haven’t come across the success kid or the grumpy cat meme. Every day, hundreds of memes are being created. But the question is how some memes survive, and some vanish into thin air? What are the factors that decide which meme stays and which meme will fade away into darkness? 

What do scientists have to say about it?

A word of caution – do not laugh at what you are now going to read. Some scientists believe that memes’ evolution can be compared to the evolution of human kinds.

That might sound ridiculous, but as an argument, they state that among humans, only the strongest survives. Likewise, even in meme culture, many of them surface every day on various social media platforms. But only the strongest can go viral.  

When does a meme go viral?

A meme can cover any topic. People like and share those memes which they find relatable and easy to understand. The memes on Meme Scout pages can give you a clear notion of what we are trying to tell you.

The subtle humor makes it more interesting, and people share them with their friends and family as a form of free entertainment to make them laugh. They, in turn, experience the same emotions and do the same. Thus, the chain continues.   

The advancement of technology is also responsible

Earlier, memes reached us through emails. But we shared only to those who had access to the web. And they were only a limited few. Now, everyone has a smartphone, and surely, they also will possess WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, or an Instagram page.

If you want all your friends to know about something you liked, you only need to post it. And every single person on your friend list will be able to view it. If any of them likes it, the meme will again get reposted and will go viral. So, the advancement of technology, and along with it, the massive use of social media, has a great contribution in making the meme culture grow. Technology has connected the whole world and has made it a smaller place.

Role of the social media influencer

There is a section of people on the social media platforms who are followed by a considerable number of people because of what they do or preach. We call them social media influencers.

More than the common people reposting a meme, if one of these influencers does it, the chances are high for a meme to get viral. And it takes very little time to happen. An influencer has the potential to reach a much larger crowd with only a single click.    


All viral memes share one common feature – they unite millions and make them laugh. No matter what the content may be, sometimes such a sense of belonging is needed desperately by many.