Economical DIY Ideas for Home Renovation for You

By  //  November 10, 2021

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Expensive renovation can be out of the question. But how can you satisfy your urge to give your home a fresh look? Isn’t there any other alternative? While all kinds of thoughts flood your mind, you can start with small and practical DIY ideas to lift the spirits of your old house.

Some of them may consume your time more. Still, it can be worth chasing them in your leisure time. Once you embrace those changes, you can feel surprised to find the results. Many homeowners take this route to save their hard-earned money. Here are some such ideas to help you figure out what you can do or avoid.

Entrance and exteriors

The outer part of the house creates the first impression about the interiors. A well-maintained deck, front door, or porch can already win your guests. So, it can be worth focusing on this area. You may want to work on paint, siding, stone, and shingles to refresh the curb appeal. Painting the entrance door in bold accents can be good to highlight its presence. You can replace mailbox and house numbers also. 

Wall art

Any wall of the room can instantly come alive with adorable artwork. But you have to choose the right spots for hanging. The distance between the wall and floor would also matter – measure the size of your painting and wall before drilling holes. If you don’t want to do this, you can take cardboard cutting appropriate for the size of the artwork and fix it onto the wall with easy-to-peel adhesive. You can search antique stores, flea markets, and used good shops for wall-hanging collections.


This corner of the house can be highly vulnerable to wear and tear. That’s why regular cleaning and maintenance is the basic need. Since old bathrooms feel unhygienic, it can be difficult for you to use them anymore. Due to budget constraints, you can feel more helpless.

However, there are ways to revive it affordably. An easy thing for you can be changing the dated hardware and fixtures. Replace old door pulls with new ones for an immediate impact. Make sure the new design is compatible with the existing holes. Else, you will have to spend extra energy on correcting the mismatch. 

Similarly, you can change shower doors and fixtures by spending only a few hundred dollars. Get the frosted doors for a modern vibe. If you use a basic showerhead design, you can switch to a handheld model for better features. 


Modern storage cabinets can be a vital feature of your home. When they lose their shine and beauty, your modern cooking zone’s decor faces a setback too. Since replacement doesn’t make financial sense, you can freshen up their appearance with fresh coats of paint. Remove the existing hardware also.

If this looks like a task, you can update at least one cabinet door with glass and shift all your expensive serving items, china, and glassware there. The simple change will be powerful enough to get everybody’s admiring attention. Like this, you can also consider the backsplash area.

When you change it, the whole space can suddenly revive. Since it occupies a small part behind the sink area or range, you can enjoy wearing your DIY hat.

Go for the peel-and-stick tile look available for an affordable price. You don’t need any complicated tools to do this job. You can use tin snips to cut them to the proper size and paste them on the wall. It is that quick. If you feel motivated, you can take one more step in this direction.

Before changing the backsplash in the sink area, you can replace your old sink first. Get a quality drop in kitchen sink. These are relatively easy DIY projects with a massive impact that can be worth attempting. For guidance, you can follow the manufacturer’s manual. 

Window treatments

While everyone is aware of these elements’ aesthetic and practical contributions, most homeowners forget about them when thinking about quick upgrades. You can do things differently. Changing wall coverings can create a considerable effect on the décor without much effort. So search your options that promise easy installation and incredible aesthetic appeal. Curtains are traditional choices.

If you have pets and kids at home, you may want to avoid them for safety risks. Instead, window shades in manual and motorized formats make better choices. You would no more need to deal with sizing and trimming jobs involved in curtains.


Old and tired floors can destroy the magical charm of your house. Sanding and finishing them can be too much. But if you have to spruce up the look, you need to find out some good ideas. For example, you can think of buying peel-and-stick tiles or floor paint. It will be your weekend project.

You can spare a few hours of the day on this work every weekend until you achieve your goal. It can sound laborious, but you cannot deny its ultimate influence on the décor. 

DIY projects can be one of the most affordable ways to renovate a home. Many people hesitate to try this for fear of messing up with the already deteriorated surfaces. While some concerns are legitimate, you have to trust your DIY skills and knowledge. Also, plenty of small and large facelifting ideas for a house are available.

You can pick the safer ones initially. As your confidence builds up, you can move to the next level of complications. Again, it is not a compulsion. If you feel satisfied with all the changes you recently made, you can bask in their glory for some time.

When taking up DIY tasks, make sure you don’t choose pricey stuff. It will kill the whole point of starting this journey. Spending more can be sensible only when you are confident about your expertise. 

Else, it is better to focus on cheaper upgrades. Minor improvements can be promising and long-lasting too. That’s why you don’t have to think about them twice. Visit local stores and compare prices for items you need after deciding what to change and where.