Entrepreneur Hai Dinho: From College Student to Operating a Full Time Business

By  //  November 17, 2021

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Life is all about opportunity cost, If I give this up what can I alternatively benefit? Most college students are giving up 4+ years of education as the opportunity cost but entrepreneur Hai Dinho took a different route, mentioning to us that he “had to make a bet so he bet on himself”.

He didn’t make that abrupt decision until sitting on his hospital bed after undergoing surgery due to sports. He described to us that he lost passion for soccer after playing this sport for over 14 years of his life. Little did we know, his soccer chapter ended there but a new chapter opened for this young serial entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Hai Dinho is the CEO of ‘Everyday Biz Solutions LLC’ and believes the pandemic was a monumental shift for many individuals to be less dependent on their job. Dinho worked in the telecommunication industry and was afraid every single day saying that he is, “literally one step away from poverty”. Here are fragments of an interview with Dinho:

Hai Dinho

Hai, knowing that most businesses fail the first year, how did you structure yourself to be successful?

Hai: At the end of the day, mindset is everything. If you put that thought in your mind you’re most likely bound to fail. As cliche as it sounds, I truly believe the power of manifestation works.

Everything I wanted now 3 years ago was already part of my vision. I constantly think about what I want every single day while putting in the necessary work until It became true. 

Would you say luck played a role in your success?

Hai: No, I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard work and consistency. I’ve been applying time blocks into my schedule inspired by Elon Musk which has improved my time management skills. Maybe I will bring the audience through a day in my life, but If I was to tell you my schedule you would think I’m a psychopath.  

What was the catalyst that made you own your business?

Hai: I am very blessed to understand that I didn’t want to work for someone else at a very young age. I worked at 5 different jobs in one year, quit another job on the first day and I hated being told what to do, when to eat and when to leave. I’m not a trust fund baby, I worked 3 jobs at once while going to college to kick start my business. Long story short It was like having one foot in the grave working for someone else.