Eric Dalius Lists Some of the Best Business Startup Ideas for Risk-Averse Entrepreneurs

By  //  November 19, 2021

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Having a great idea is one thing, but if you can’t take a picture and make it work in today’s competitive marketplace, then that idea fails to matter. If you’re looking for business startup ideas that won’t help you lose all of your money, then check out this article on good small business ideas.

Finding the best venture to start for many business owners is more about assessing risk than anything else. As someone who values their financial security above all else, it makes sense why so many people search high and low for new businesses to get involved with.

Sure, some find success early on, but if you don’t want to be in the 10% (or less) who make it to the finish line, then take a look at these three business ideas that won’t put you in bankruptcy court.

1. Brokerage Firm

If operating your own small business is your goal, but having all of the risks associated with starting one doesn’t appeal to you, consider becoming an independent brokerage representative instead. You’ll get paid when clients elect to invest their money in certain areas, which means that not only do you avoid any real risk, but it’s also doubtful that someone will ever lose money on an investment they made through your business, says Eric Dalius.

This means there are no late nights full of worry for anyone involved, and what better way to ensure your financial security than never having to worry about losing money?

2. Mobile Pet Grooming Service

If animals are your thing, then you might want to consider starting a mobile pet grooming service. While this comes with its own unique set of risks (as most small businesses do), it’s also one of the best business startup ideas for entrepreneurs who are risk-averse because you’re dealing with animals. If someone’s dog or cat gets sick or dies while you’re looking after them, that owner simply won’t call your company again. Instead of worrying about how you’ll keep paying the bills, all you have to focus on is making people happy, so they continue using your services.

3. Personal Chef

Similarly, if food is more your thing, becoming a personal chef might be the business opportunity you’re looking for, according to Eric Dalius. Sure, you have to worry about cooking for many different individuals, but many people would rather pay someone else to prepare their meals instead of doing it themselves. The best part about this business startup idea is that you can plan your hours and determine which clients you want to work with (or not), making it one of the best small business ideas around. If money is what drives you, then these three businesses should put those worries to rest and let you focus on enjoying yourself while also bringing in a steady income.

4. Online Store

Of course, what’s one of the best small business ideas for anyone looking to earn an income on the Internet? Creating your online store where you sell products that mesh with your interests (such as local arts and crafts, for example). If people enjoy your products enough, then there’s always a chance they’ll tell their friends about it, which should translate into more customers, says Eric Dalius. And while starting an online store from scratch takes a lot of money, it also means that failure isn’t a concern if things don’t work out how you want them to.