Helping the Disabled: Hiring a Lawyer With Vast Insurance Claim Experience

By  //  November 22, 2021

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Having disability insurance via your employer or a private plan means you have a safeguard for a loss of income if you are unable to work due to a disability.

However, your insurance company could potentially deny your benefits. Plus, the whole claim process can be complex and overwhelming, especially when you are also dealing with your new disability.

Therefore, it is recommended you use the services of an experienced long-term disability lawyer. When you get a professional on board who has vast insurance claim experience, you ensure the claim process runs smoothly and you stand a better chance of winning your case. 

An Experienced Lawyer Can Analyze Your Insurance Policy and Give You the Best Advice

Whether you have a partial or total disability, a lawyer with a wealth of insurance claim experience can help you navigate your policy and make sure you understand everything.

With a total and partial disability lawyer at the helm, he or she can read through your insurance policy, deconstruct and analyze it, review the terms, and compare the policy in relation to the facts of your case to determine whether your health condition warrants a disability claim.

Even if you read through your insurance policy carefully, you will not have the legal expertise that an experienced lawyer has. So, by hiring a lawyer with vast insurance claim knowledge, you will get the best advice on how to proceed with your case.

Experienced Lawyers Have In-depth Knowledge About Insurance Rules

In addition to having an excellent understanding of the terms used in insurance policies, lawyers who specialize in disability claims know what rules apply to insurance companies. They can, therefore, take the appropriate steps to ensure your insurer treats your case fairly and according to regulations. 

For instance, insurance companies are legally bound concerning the time it takes to approve a claim or appeal. But unless you hire an experienced disability lawyer, you will be unaware of such intricate rules. In turn, that means insurance companies can get away with not following regulations to the letter. 

On the other hand, an experienced lawyer will always be able to spot when insurance companies are violating rules. If your lawyer discovers your insurance company has not followed the set requirements, you will be much better positioned to win your case.

You Cover All Evidence Bases When You Hire an Experienced Lawyer

To ensure your claim is successful, providing evidence is key.

While your insurer will inform you as to which documentation will suffice as evidence, by having an experienced lawyer on board, he or she will be able to tell you which other forms of evidence are best to submit for your claim.

Your lawyer can also ensure the whole process of evidence gathering and submitting is handled correctly. For instance, a certain medical record alone may not be sufficient to accurately document your disability. So, your lawyer could recommend obtaining other supporting documents, such as reports from doctors, evaluations from outside experts, and statements from coworkers. 

The Takeaway

You now know the key ways in which having a lawyer with a wealth of insurance claim experience can help your disability claim to be successful. 

But before you proceed with hiring a lawyer, make sure you determine that he or she actually has the experience you are looking for.

Ask potential lawyers how many years’ experience they have, what their specialized areas are, and what their success rate is in order to ascertain whether they have the vast experience required to help you gain the insurance benefits you are entitled to.