Is Alpha Heater Reviews Canada Scam Or Real: Official Price Here

By  //  November 30, 2021

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Alpha Heater Canada – Personal heaters are always worthwhile when it comes to fighting winters. Alpha heater is an all new design that comes with a 30% reduction in the electricity bills while giving you the same amount of heat like the traditional heaters.

It is not like the old school heater that consumes a whooping 1500 watt electricity per hour. It automatically adjusts the temperature as the heat level increases and makes the room comfortable.

Forget about paying heavy electricity bills all year around because and  switch on to the more economical way of heating. The manufacturer’s claim that this time there is something that is completely affordable and better than the usual.


What is Alpha heater all about?

Alpha Heater Canada – The heater heats up to 350 feet of a room and with less than 30% energy consumption. People who cannot bear ice cold floors would definitely feel better with the heater that is an all new invention and Discovery.

The featured air heater is approximately 28 inch long and thick sinchai. It has a bare minimum weight of 3 kg that makes it possible to be moved from one place to another. Moreover, the amount of energy required by the electric heater is as low as a hair dryer.

Safety information

The appliance ensures maximum safety, never overheats or creates electric shock. It comes with a protective case that makes sure that even if the temperature exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no question of the outer body getting overheated. The smart heater quickly switches off and there is always ambient air flow taking place.

Speedy heating

Alpha heater can heat a big room As quickly as 10 minutes. You just have to adjust the little setting and select the more that properly suits you. It should be noted that avoid using the heater for more than 6 hours consecutively, else it might create some problems. avoid using it again until the filament completely cools down 

Noiseless operation

The energy efficient heater operates without any noise which makes it a perfect choice for room heating during night. You will be able to find a certain temperature without any discomfort and noise.


Super energy efficient

The main point of choosing Alpha heater as a choice of room heating is because of its safety and lower energy consumption. The laudable performance by the room heater makes sure that there is no compromise on room heating quality with lower energy consumption.

Ultra features of Alpha heater

Super sleek modern design

Can heat a large room within 2 min

Even heating

Energy efficient and fast heating mechanism

Why is choosing an Alpha heater a great option?

Forget about choosing the central heating units that are super expensive to install and run. This is a diligent and economical option that can heat the entire place without any heat wasted and extra electricity bill. The plastic body does not catch heat and makes it possible to work with little energy consumption. There is no possibility of your fingers and hands getting Burnt because of the metallic outer surface getting super hot.

The timer function makes it super easy to use the heater filament. There is a safety kill switch that immediately stops the supply of hot air and switches off the device.

Alpha heater – fighting away bacteria and odor

Most of the time you would have felt some irritating smell coming out of the room because of mould formation. Alpha heaters completely avoid this phenomena with antimicrobial filters that prevent buildup of any unwanted element in the room. The germ filter Technology further makes sure that there is no dust and germs floating in the air of your home. Just fresh and dust free air that surrounds the area throughout.

How does Alpha heater work?

Enjoy heating a big size room in just 10 minutes with the super affordable Alpha heater that has the following step to make it work-

Turn on the heater and is placed on a area where there are no children and pets accessing It accidentally

Switch on the safety option so that there is no hot air released once the device is switch off

Choose the control option to adjust the temperature speed and timer.

What makes an Alpha heater an ideal choice for room heating?

The innovative technology room heater works on a heat Convection system that is able to dissipate winter chillness and give it plenty of warmth. The overheating protection Technology makes sure that there is no harm done to the user on touching the outer body. The heater comes with a low running cost.

Where to place an order for a heater?

Consumers must completely avoid purchasing the heater from general sources and should go for the official website to place the order. One can even go for multiple room heaters instead of one so that there is heating equipment installed at every area of the home. Alpha heater is in any case better than the central heating unit that is far more difficult to install and consumes a lot of electricity on a constant basis.

Pricing and return policy

The single unit of Alpha heater from at a price of $50 whereas you would get a substantial discount online for more units of the same models of the heater. The total of 5 Alpha heaters carry a charge of $40 each.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee that comes along with the product and the customers can return the room heater in case of dissatisfaction to the official website. it should be noted that the company is not responsible for the handling and shipping cost in case of dissatisfaction. Only the price of the main unit is disbursed by the company.