Keeping Carpets Clean Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Indoor Environment

By  //  November 28, 2021

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Carpets are one of the most luxurious floor coverings that enhance the indoor aesthetics of homes and impart classic looks with an air of sophisticated charm that has no comparisons. It is easy to decorate homes with carpets available in various styles, designs, and price points.

Although the quality of rugs impacts its appeal, a lot depends on its proper maintenance so that carpets look clean and free from stains and dirt. Carpets become dirty quickly because of the continuous trampling that it undergoes, and a lot of dirt, soil, and grease carried from the outside with shoes settle in the carpet and spoil the look of the same.

Regular carpet cleaning by vacuuming removes the soil, dirt, and dust from the surface and prevents damage to the fabrics while retaining the looks. But the carpet cleaners who provide professional carpet and rug cleaning service in Brooklyn believe that regular vacuuming only partially helps clean carpets.

The dirt, grime, and bacteria that remain hidden within the deep layers of the thick carpets remain unaffected. Yearly steam cleaning can help clean carpets inside out that extend the carpet life and create a healthier indoor environment by removing dirt and bacteria, posing health problems.  

Breathe easy with cleaned carpets

Carpets that look clean might be the cause of poor health. Pollen, animal dander, mites, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, dust, and dirt are all very harmful to our health as these trigger allergies.

Although the particles remain inside the carpet fabrics, it poses severe problems for those having asthma as they find it hard to breathe that suffer a lot. In addition to the breathing problems, sneezing and coughing are the other issues created by dirty carpets.  

Professional carpet cleaning techniques like steam cleaning drive out all carpet’s harmful elements and improve the indoor air quality to ensure good health. Everyone can breathe easily and stay healthy.

Expert stain removal

Besides annual carpet cleaning by experts, one must call them to remove stains. As soon as you detect any stain in the carpet, try to clean it by using some known home remedies without damaging the carpet fabric or fading the color.

The sooner one acts, the better it is because the delayed response will make it difficult to remove the stain. In case of stubborn stains that do not go away with individual cleaning efforts, one must call a professional carpet cleaner to restore the carpet’s looks. 

It is better to call professionals for removing all types of stains because removing stains superficially might help to restore the looks, but the health threats would remain. Since the liquid that spilled on the carpet passes down to the deep layers of the carpet fabric, the harmful and hazardous components of the liquid stay penetrated in the carpet and can cause health problems.

If the deep layers of the carpet remain wet for a long time, it can lead to mold growth which further damages health.

Professional carpet cleaning delays the onset of health hazards in the carpet fabrics, and periodical cleaning ensures a healthy indoor environment.