Noxitril Reviews: Is There a Cheaper Alternative Available?

By  //  November 11, 2021

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These days writing reviews is more of myth (scam) busting for us. There are so many substandard male enhancement supplements out there that claim to treat erectile dysfunction, that it makes us want to rip our hair out in frustration.

We have reviewed the length and breadth of the male enhancement supplement industry and we can say for sure, that there are just 4-5 products that are worth your money.

The rest are just glorified, overpriced dietary supplements that thrive on hype and will have zero impact on male sexual performance.

One of these products is Noxitril. We are sure that you might have bumped into Noxitril reviews on the internet that sing songs about how effective this male enhancement product is for sexual health.

Why does even the copy on the official website looks like a clone of a million others that we’ve seen over the years?

They all make the same claims, and use the same hype to sway you into believing that this is the product that will finally change the game for you.

But unfortunately, this isn’t it. Today, we are going to offer you an in-depth analysis of Noxitril and why it doesn’t work as advertised.

While we are at it, we will also share with you some alternative male enhancement supplements with better credibility and natural ingredients backed by peer reviewed studies.

What is Noxitril?

Noxitril is a male enhancement supplement like Nugenix Total T that claims to treat some of the commonest sexual health problems that men face in their middle age.

There’s erectile dysfunction, sexual desire, blood flow, sexual stamina, all of which are closely collected to your testosterone levels. So it would be fair to assume that Noxitril is being pitched as a testosterone booster.

One of the things that we see on the official website is a banner that says ‘As seen on Forbes & the New York Times.

Let me tell you this. I searched the length and breadth of both these websites for anything related to Noxitril and couldn’t find a word. Isn’t that pure deceptive aggressive marketing? You are pasting the logos of some of the biggest and most trusted media outlets, possibly to increase your credibility.

But why would any supplement and nutrition company want to do that unless their product lacks effectiveness, and their business lacks credibility in the first place?

Let’s look at the product closely to understand where they need for shady marketing practices arises from.

What Are The Ingredients In Noxitril?

The Noxitril website only cites 6 primary ingredients. For the rest, we had to dig up the product label. Here’s what we found.

The Primary Ingredients

Tongkat Ali – 200 mg – Tongkat Ali is a good ingredient.

Maca (0.6% extract) – 200 mg – So is Maca.

L-Arginine – 250 mg – L-Arginine is beneficial too for boosting blood flow and improving the rate of muscle growth.

Ginseng Blend – 125 mg – Guess this guy needs no introduction, does he?

The proprietary blend – 745 mg

Generally, this is where we stop reading. Proprietary blends are a red flag. They are an easy, but a deceptive technique that sadly prevails in the health supplements industry.

Brands will paste some of the best ingredient names on the product label, without revealing the exact concentrations of those ingredients. So, the best ingredient in the blend could actually be 0.01%.

There’s no regulation or rule in place to set benchmarks or minimums for natural ingredients in proprietary blends. But let us decipher the blend for you nevertheless.

Saraparilla – No scientific evidence

Pumpkin Seed – Roasted Seeds might be effective due to their zinc content. Raw seeds are not effective.

Muira Puama – Mild aphrodisiac effect. But the proprietary blend casts a dark shadow on the concentration.

Oat Straw – Can have a mild calming effect, which may reduce anxiety. Not a sexual tonic as claimed

Nettle – Mixed evidence. Might be effective for BPH symptoms. But the effect on sexual function is not clear.

Cayenne Pepper – Is this added as a fat burner ingredient? Or is it for increasing Nitric oxide levels? There are much better choices for the latter. Like Beet, which is the gold standard for boosting Nitric Oxide levels

Astragalus – Mild energy boosting effect and a nervous system calming herb. Not a libido booster as often claimed.

Catuaga Bark – Might work as an anti-fatigue herb and boost energy levels in sufficient concentrations. The sexual arousal claims are not proven and may be total marketing hype.

Tribulus – Good old Tribulus! Why’s it in a prop blend though? They should have added 500-600 mg to the primary ingredient list.

Chelated Boron – Why not add 8-10 mg of good old Boron instead? Chelating with minerals does not make it any more effective. Also, what’s the concentration of Boron in the blend?

Here’s the takeaway. The proprietary blend greatly reduces the credibility of this ingredient list, despite it having some good natural ingredients that can potentially alleviate sexual dysfunction symptoms.

Also, all of these ingredients combined are just 745 mg! That’s just a fraction of what’s required for getting sexual health benefits.

Health Benefits of Noxitril

That brings us to the question at hand. What are the real benefits of using Noxitril? Since we at least know the concentrations of the primary ingredients, that’s what we are going to base this Nexitril review on.

200 mg of Tongkat Ali is not nearly enough for sexual stamina or to boost sexual performance. You ideally need 500-1000 mg/kg of Tongkat Ali to make it work. At this dose, you could maybe expect a slight bump in sexual stamina, with no difference to your sexual desire.

Maca root at 250 mg is 90% lesser than the ideal dose. All the clinical studies on Maca show a dose dependent curve for its positive effect on male sexual function. It is most effective at 1.5 or 3 grams.

L-Arginine at 250 mg is again not adequate. But it might not be entirely useless at that dose either. So you can expect some positive benefits on blood flow and muscle recovery after exercise.

Ginseng again at 125 mg does little.

As far as the proprietary blend is concerned 745 mg is too little to notice any real benefit to improve male sexual function. Overall, we feel that Noxitril will offer very little health benefits for the price.

Potential Side Effects

The ingredients are all reasonably safe, with very few chances of triggering an allergic reaction. That said, Ginseng does tend to trigger headaches in some people. So does Tongkat. It can also cause an upset tummy if you are not used to the herb.

However, there may not be any serious adverse events associated with Noxitril.

Noxitril Consumer Questions

Here are some of the consumer questions that we have come across about Noxitril on messaging boards during the course of our research.

Noxitril Reviews: What real users say?

Well, if our detailed Noxitril review of the ingredients didn’t explain it to you, maybe the real reviews will. Noxitril has 9 active complaints on the Better Business Bureau. The complaints are about an ineffective product, exaggerated marketing & recurrent billing, without providing clarity.

This almost is a pattern on the internet. Brands pop up under different names and entice gullible customers with a free trial offer or 30-day money back guarantee. But the actual terms of the money back guarantee and the free trial are hidden in the fine print.

By the time you realize that the product offers no health benefits as advertised, you are already well past the guarantee period to qualify for a refund. Then you are billed a monthly fee and shipped more bottles of the useless product.

It’s a shady business practice folks!

Noxitril Pros & Cons

This is the easiest one to answer really.


  • The ingredients are not bad. There are some fillers for sure. But most of the ingredients are what you’d find in any of the top male enhancement supplements.
  • Might provide a marginal increase in blood flow, which may result in better quality erections for people who can get an erection in the first place. If you have erectile dysfunction, it’s practically useless.


  • Complaints on the better business bureau about shady recurring billing practices. 8 cases are unsolved.
  • Most of the ingredients are 50-90% lesser concentrations than what’s required to produce any positive effect on sex life in men. So, don’t expect this to have any impact on sexual desire or to support sexual stamina.

Does Noxitril work?

One of the complaints on the BBB says that Noxitril is advertised as ‘Viagra on Steroids’! It’s not even close to a PDE5 inhibitor like the Blue Pill. So we can confirm that Noxitril does not work as advertised. It comes with a money back guarantee. But you will struggle to get your money back, as made evident by the complaints.

Noxitril Review: Is it the Best? Or Is There a Cheaper Alternative Available?

Noxitril is exactly the type of male enhancement supplements that gives the industry a bad name. It’s a severely under dosed formula, despite having decent ingredients. Further, they resort to exaggerated marketing which makes it seem like the best male enhancement supplement to treat erectile dysfunction.

Lastly, they take your money under the pretext of a free trial and keep billing you month after month, until you fight them tooth and nail. Some of the bills are as high as $114.

Not only do we have a cheaper alternative, but we also have much better options if you are looking for a natural remedy to treat erectile dysfunction.

#1 – VigRX Plus – Best Natural Supplement to Treat Erectile dysfunction

VigRX Plus is definitely a name that you might have bumped into if you have researched male enhancement formulations before.

This supplement has been around for 10-years and has provided millions of men with an alternative to synthetic treatments for ED. During the course of this time, thousands of brands like Noxitril have appeared and disappeared after making a quick buck.

But VigRX Plus continues to shine in this fickle industry. It manages to do this, with some of the best ingredients we’ve ever seen in a dietary supplement. To top it off, they recently completed a triple-blind, placebo controlled study for VigRX Plus, which confirmed what we already knew.

This is hands down, the best supplement for overall improvement to your sex life.

What are the benefits of VigRX Plus?

Let’s clear a few things about VigRX Plus for those who are new to this amazing male enhancement formula.

10-Years of Proven track record

VigRX Plus has a decade long history, which is a rarity in the health supplements industry. It is hands down, the oldest and the most reputed supplement in the men’s sexual performance space. What’s remarkable, is that over the years, the customer reviews have been consistently positive.

9-Science Backed Ingredients that can transform your sex life

VigRX Plus is a blend of 9-ingredients, all in sufficient concentrations to positively influence different aspects of your sexual health, such as increased sexual desire, boosting sexual performance, amplifying blood flow to the penis during an erection, and increasing sensitivity of the nerve endings, which improve sexual pleasure, leading to an overall improvement in sexual satisfaction.

Backed by a Triple-Blind Clinical Study

VigRX is the only supplement that is clinically tested by a triple blind placebo controlled study involving 84-participants. The study revealed a remarkable improvement in all aspects of sexual health. VigRX boosts libido, increases nitric oxide retention, improves your sexual drive, helps with erectile function, and can also have a positive influence on mental health.

Why mental health, you might be wondering. Because the complex process of sexual arousal is closely connected to your mental health. Your mind needs to be calm and focused to be able to get and sustain an erection.

The most well-rounded formula for sexual desire

There are many male enhancement pills that cut corners with their formulas and address only one aspect of sexual health. But desire is one part that’s sadly left out.

How do you even improve sexual performance with a male enhancement pill without addressing arousal? If you are not even aroused, then everything else is secondary.

VigRX Plus increases arousal rates by 62% as shown in the clinical study. You can find more information on the official website.

Does VigRX plus treat erectile dysfunction?

At Caring Voice, we dislike the term ‘treat’, when it comes to health supplements. We prefer using the term reducing symptoms. To answer the original question, yes. VigRX Plus definitely improves the ease with which a person can acquire an erection.

Also, the natural ingredients associated with blood flow, like L-Arginine, will increase the duration of time for which you can sustain the erection. These, we feel are the primary symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Does VigRX Plus increase Testosterone levels?

An improvement in sexual health is closely connected to your testosterone levels. Be its energy levels, muscle mass which can increase strength, or cognitive benefits associated with pleasure, all key factors are closely linked to your Testosterone levels.

While VigRX Plus is not advertised as a testosterone production booster, the ingredients are on-par with the best testosterone boosters that we have reviewed in the recent past. There are essential amino acids that influence testosterone production and hence boost protein synthesis.

There are active ingredients backed by clinical studies that have shown a strong affinity to androgen boosting in the body. So, it would be fair to assume that you can expect a bump in your T levels with VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus vs. Noxitril – Final Verdict

On one side, we have VigRX Plus, a clinically tested male enhancement pill that has all the ingredients that one looks for in well-rounded supplements. It has been around for over 10-years, comes with a 67-day money back guarantee, might increase your testosterone, which can potentially improve the rate of muscle growth. Any gym goers out there listening?

On the other side, you have Noxitril, an under dosed supplement that has a shady reputation on the internet. This male enhancement pill will have zero effect on your sexual activity. It has zero substance in the right concentrations. Moreover, it is grossly overpriced for what it offers.

The answer is pretty obvious. Should you buy Noxitril or VigRX Plus?

#2 – Performer 8 – Powerful Sexual Desire and Massive Sperm Volume

Performer 8 is a relatively new entrant to the male enhancement supplements industry. Especially, when you compare it with VigRX Plus.

But it is one of the shining new prospects that excite us. The ingredients are the best in class, the concentrations are high enough to generate positive benefits and there are some great reviews already.

Unlike a glossy Noxitril review intended to sway you into buying the supplement, Performer 8 does not resort to exaggerated marketing.

Most importantly, it is one of the few male enhancement pills that does not cut corners with the formulation. It addresses not just performance, but also touches on male reproductive function, by boosting virility.

Now that’s rare.

What are the benefits of Performer 8?

Performer 8 is almost on par with VigRX Plus. It will boost blood circulation, thereby reducing the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, it will increase your energy levels and it also boosts nitric oxide levels.

But it offers some unique advantages too, which make it quite popular among middle aged males.

Preventing Premature Ejaculation

Let’s talk about the other aspect of sexuality in men that nobody seems to be talking about. How many of you have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation together?

Isn’t that a doubly distressing condition? You only manage to get a flagging erection, and you ejaculate within minutes when you do manage to get the flag soaring.

Performer 8 has unique ingredients that will not only increase testosterone production but also works to prevent premature ejaculation. There is an amino acid, that is associated with the precursor to one of the chemicals in the brain that help you last longer.

Sperm Volume & Motility

If you are looking to successfully conceive, then increased libido is not enough, is it? Multiple factors of your health should come together and work in synergy. The supplement should improve prostate health, should relieve stress, reduce high blood pressure, work on increasing blood flow, and lastly, should increase the motility of sperm.

Performer 8 has organic ingredients that address all these different aspects of men’s health. There are logs posted on messaging boards that show a significant bump in sperm count after a few months of use. If you are looking to boost Male Vitality, there’s no better choice.

Boosting Testosterone

Performer 8 has all the organic ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone levels. That might not just be an increase in serum T levels mind you. You will also notice an increase in bioavailable testosterone production, which translates into improved body composition.

You will be able to produce and hold more muscle tissue while reducing body fat. That alone can make a huge difference to the way you perform in bed.

Can Performer 8 completely transform sex life?

The 8 in Performer 8 stands for 8x. It means that it increases or improves all aspects of sexuality 8 times.

That might sound like a tall claim to many. But having closely analyzed this herbal remedy, we have no reason to doubt that claim.

Performer 8 is one of the most well-rounded supplements we have seen in recent times.

Performer 8 vs. Noxitril – Final Verdict

Once again, we have elaborated on all the benefits and the advantages. Performer 8 has better scientifically proven ingredients. There are powerful herbs like Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Panax Ginseng, and KSM 66 Ashwagandha. There is an amino acid that improves erection quality. There’s another that deals with precursors to powerful chemicals in the brain.

That too in some of the highest concentrations that we have seen. There’s 6000 mg of Panax Ginseng and 3000 mg of Mucuma Puriama. There’s not even a comparison with Noxitril ingredients, is there?

Don’t even think twice. Go for Performer 8. You can avail of some huge discounts on the six month supply, in case you are looking for a long term run.