Potentials of Custom Canvas Printing

By  //  November 26, 2021

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Canvas prints have been a popular choice for many people in the business world. They are a perfect way to advertise your company or product line, and they can also be used as an attention-grabbing centerpiece at a trade show booth. If you’re interested in purchasing canvas prints, we’d love to give you more information about what you should know before making your decision.

If you’re looking to explore the potential of custom canvas printing and design your canvas, Gelato’s canvas product offers an excellent solution, providing a user-friendly digital platform for creating and ordering custom canvas prints.


One of the biggest benefits of custom canvas printing, in particular, is that it can last a very long time. They are made out of materials such as cotton, linen and other fine fabrics, which resist damage from air or water easily. When printed on this type of material, it makes the print much more durable than you would get with traditional paper prints.


One of the most alluring features of canvas printing is that it can be incorporated into almost any design. From modern to traditional, abstract to realistic, or just simple text, there are endless possibilities when choosing your designs, for example, prints. Whether you want an entire room filled with prints on canvases, a single photo blown up large enough for everyone to see, or something in between; you can find a company that will work with you to accomplish your vision.

Affordable Advertising

Canvas printing is a great way to promote your business or services, as you can create one image that promotes multiple products. Whether it’s an outdoor billboard ad on the side of a building or posters around town for events, canvas prints are very affordable ways to advertise without breaking the bank. Customers will see these images over and over again, so they are likely to remember your business or service.

No Glare

Canvas is very durable, and it prevents glare. You can place your canvas print where you want without worrying about the sun or any other light source that might cause a reflection off of the image. You can simply hang your canvas in an outdoor space and not worry about any glare.

The 3D Effect of Canvas Printing

The look of the canvas material gives the print a unique appearance. It will make your business stand out among other businesses in town or on any online store you are selling through. The texture and feel of this kind of printing is something that can’t be replicated with inkjet printers, for example. Also, it looks beautiful when framed up on the wall.

Different Size Options 

The first benefit of canvas printing in business is that it offers multiple size options. The most common sizes are 16 x 20 and 24 x 36, but there’s also the option to print your image on canvas or acrylic photo blocks which can be made up to 19 x 27 inches. While the price of larger canvases is higher, they also look great when displayed on an office wall or in a lobby.


Canvas printing for business is a form of advertising which can be customized and tailored to suit your specific needs. With the advancement in technology, you can now enjoy amazing canvas prints from home or office. You do not have to go out looking for an expert printer as these prints are simple enough that anyone can create them at home with ease. Canvas printing for business is a versatile form of advertising which has amazing results.