Smash The Pokies: 7 Common Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

By  //  November 18, 2021

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People have made a lot of money online including by playing pokies. If you’re thinking about trying your luck at the pokies, keep in mind that winning isn’t 100% guaranteed. You’ll win some and lose some, so be prepared for both and try not to get too excited while playing.

Before you bet money on a game, make sure you understand it completely. It’s also a good idea to stick to a spending plan and know when to stop and exercise caution. This article will look at common beginner mistakes to avoid.

1. Playing Without Doing Research 

There are numerous casinos to choose from, but it’s wise to do extensive research on each before signing up. There are many unregistered casinos out there and the number of sham websites is also on the rise. Avoid both at all costs to not lose money. If you don’t do your homework, it’s much easier to get duped. 

There are numerous legal and well-known casinos, such as Raging Bull, where you can sign up and get highest Raging Bull Casino free chip bonus code. Without a thorough search, you should be able to find beginner perks like this.

2. Not Managing Money

As a beginner, making and sticking to a budget is a good idea because it’ll help you manage your money. It’s extremely dangerous to play without a budget. Sticking to a budget will help you keep track of how much money you’ve spent. 

It’s also a good idea to keep track of how much money you want to spend and how much money you’ve won. Every time you win, try putting some of your winnings in a separate account other than the one where you intend to bet.

3. Playing Games You’re Not Familiar With 

Instead of getting too excited because you see other people winning as soon as you walk into the casino, familiarize yourself with the games before you play. When you play a game that you are unfamiliar with, mistakes are bound to happen that might cause you to lose on the game as well as your money.

You can learn which games pay well and then become acquainted with them before attempting to make a bet.

At the very least, play those you already know while learning the rules of new ones. You can try non-gambling practice on games you’re unfamiliar with before placing your bets. Plus, there are rewards and bonuses offered to entice new game players – take advantage of them. 

4. Playing Too Much 

Gambling can be addictive, so don’t overdo it. What you don’t realize is that the more money you bet, the more money you lose. If you play too much, you may lose track of your money. It’s a good idea to check your finances regularly. Don’t get too excited to keep playing after you’ve hit a big win or a jackpot. Instead, take a break. 

5. Playing With Only One Game

Instead of sticking to one game or slot machine, experiment with different ones. Look for slots that have higher player returns, regardless of how much money you put in, and play those slots. Don’t be afraid to try new games; just familiarize yourself with them first.

Though you shouldn’t just pick a game and start playing it, you should at the very least analyze it and get feedback from others. 

6. Placing Maximum Bets

It’s all too easy to go all-in when you’re playing. There are large pay-outs associated with it. What you must understand is that winning is a game of chance and you shouldn’t put all of your assets at risk.

It’s preferable to develop a strategy and stick to it. Maintain your focus on a single strategy and don’t let the fact that you’re winning distract you. You should, however, always bet a certain percentage and keep some money in your account. 

Begin by placing small bets while learning the rules of the game; once you’ve mastered them, you can progress to larger stakes. When you win, set aside a portion of your winnings and do not spend them all on bets. 

Maximum bets can result in significant losses, so be cautious.

7. Not Knowing When To Stop

Gambling can be dangerous if you don’t know when to stop. You must be able to recognize when it is necessary to pause. It’s said that the vast majority of new players are overly enthusiastic and don’t know when to stop playing. Having a budget can help you decide when to cease making bets and avoid putting everything on the line. 

Before walking away, it’s a good idea to admit defeat and fold. Don’t get too frustrated if you’re losing; it’s perfectly acceptable to call it a day. You’ll be able to tell when you’ve had your fill of playing. It’s not worth it to go into debt because you don’t want to quit.

If you don’t know when to stop, you can become addicted. Hence, understanding when to stop can help you overcome your gambling addiction.


If you read and understand this article carefully, you’ll have a healthy gambling life. Playing pokies necessitates caution and knowledge of the game, as well as knowing what to do and what to avoid.