Some Roofing Materials That Can Make Life Easy

By  //  November 14, 2021

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If you have noticed a leaking roof, it will create disturbance in your life. Many people prefer attractive roofs because it improves the richness of the home. The market gets flooded with various roofing materials, but you should indulge in some investigation before you choose a material when you decide to replace your roof.

If you don’t select roofing material depending on cost, longevity, and other structural aspects, you might have to pay a heavy price later.

Some roofing materials to consider when you decide to replace your roof.

Roofing rolls

Rolled roofing is meant for commercial buildings as well as for sheds and shops. These rolled roofing sheets come with asphalt or mineral impregnated and loaded with various kinds of mineral granules. It offers a convenient, fast and inexpensive way to make a sloped roof for a workshop where appearance is crucial. People opt for this because it is highly affordable and it lasts for about ten years. 

Built-up roofing material

It is the kind of roofing material that is one of the oldest and suitable for flat roofs with a low pitch. These roofs are highly durable and sturdy, making them a must for many homeowners.

Membrane roofing

It is very similar to asphalt roofing because it comes in large sheets, limiting water infiltration. This roofing is very durable, and if you maintain it properly, it might last up to 35 years. 

Metal shakes

Most homeowners go for metal roofs because they know the advantages of metal roofing; they opt for aluminum or steel shingles. These come from stamped metal and provide a high-quality finish. They get fabricated to look like tiles, slate, wooden shakes, or even asphalt shingles. If appearance is a very critical issue, then you should go for metal roofs. Moreover, if you properly maintain it, it would last up to 50 years. 

Wood shingles

These are attractive, but they have limitations. The places with heavy moisture cannot install it; it becomes a wrong choice if you do. If you compare it with other roofing materials, it is most attractive. Luxury homes usually opt for this. It adds to the grandeur, making it look highly appealing. If you talk about longevity, it depends on your maintenance. If the climate is dry, it might last up to 60 years. However, damp weather conditions will reduce life to 20 years. 

Clay tile

Earthen clays give rise to clay tile, which has a reddish-orange color looking raw and unglazed. It is ideal for hot climates. As such, people in the desert areas typically opt for this. However, it is an expensive roofing alternative. It can last up to a century, and it is low on maintenance. 

Concrete tiles

Another roofing alternative is concrete tile from Benchmark Roofing & Restoration. The advantages and installation techniques are pretty similar to clay tile. It comes with a decorative coating. Since it is a heavy roofing option, hence people in high wind areas opt for it. It can last up to 50 years. 

However, before making a choice, you must talk to your local authorities to choose the roofing material allowed as per local rules and regulations.