Sports Betting Comes to Florida

By  //  November 4, 2021

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Gambling is an activity that is enjoyed the world over thanks to its exciting gameplay and tense moments when vast sums are involved. The idea of winning money will always appeal to most people, especially to those who do not have a lot of it to begin with.

Many societies around the world place a heavy emphasis on money – cash is king. Because of this, gambling gives people a way to win money they would otherwise never see, showing one clear reason why the activity is so popular. However, many places in the world restrict certain forms of the activity, such as sports betting.

This means that there will be entire regions that have never had any experience with the activity before. It will come as good news to many then that many countries in the world are currently undergoing a process of legalisation, especially in America. Florida is one such state where sports betting has just launched, provoking a positive reaction by thousands of people who had been eagerly awaiting the day they could download their respective app and start placing bets online. 

Floridians have the Seminole Tribe to thank for the rollout of sports betting as they quietly launched their online sports betting services on Monday despite perpetual legal challenges to a gambling deal negotiated between the state and the tribe earlier in May. Called the ‘Hard Rock Sportsbook’, the online platform allows players to make deposits and place bets on a variety of sports, including football, hockey, and soccer.

There are also many other platforms like this such as, though these are only accessible to certain regions.

The reason why the news was a shock to everyone was because there was no fanfare preceding the launch of Florida’s first legal sportsbook. Upon asking about the launch, a spokesperson declined to comment and it seems that the Seminole Tribe were happy to simply release the sportsbook without making the even too big.

Despite the quiet launch though, social media still blew up, something which had got to be expected. The sportsbook dropped at a time when pretty much all of Florida had been waiting for it, and for it to have been released so unexpectedly meant that it was a surprise to many.

Although many will be celebrating the fact that they can finally bet on their favourite teams, there is still a cloud hanging over the head of the sportsbook’s release. Many will be aware that the door to sports betting was opened this spring by Governor Ron DeSantis when a deal was signed with Seminole tribe chairman Marcelus Osceola Jr. The legislature signed off on the deal, but it is still being challenged in federal court.

This means that there is a possibility the deal will collapse, depending on the outcome of the federal court. In the meantime, Floridians will no doubt be hoping that nothing comes of the legal challenge and that they can continue gambling in peace for many years to come.

Sports fans in Florida will be rejoicing in between placing bets right now, but they can only hope that they can continue the activity indefinitely.