Suffered Injuries and Can’t Work? Here’s What You Can Do

By  //  November 8, 2021

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Injuries happen to everyone and can range from minor cuts and scrapes to life-threatening injuries such as a broken bone or brain injury. If you were injured in an accident at work, on the road, or anywhere else for that matter, there are many potential legal avenues available to you.

Employer’s Insurance Company

One is filing for disability benefits with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. This will provide you with income while unemployed due to your injury until the time it heals sufficiently so that you can return to work. On the other hand, workers’ compensation payout amounts are usually lower than a personal injury lawsuit settlement, and if you lose your case for some reason, the amount will be even further reduced.

So you cannot rely on this as a main source of income. You’ll also have to wait until two years after an accident happens before you can file a claim, so keep that in mind as well.

Seek a Legal Help

Unfortunately, not all employers have this kind of insurance coverage, even though they are obligated to. In this case, the other option is to seek personal injury claims with help from a qualified attorney. Personal injury lawsuits are often more lucrative than workers’ compensation benefits, so this might be the best option for you.

You’ll have to pay legal fees, though, which would deduct from the total amount you will receive but not by much since most attorneys will charge you an upfront fee and then take a percentage of the settlement amount after your case is successfully closed.

If you choose this route, though, it’s obviously critical that you find a highly reputable law firm to represent you since they’re essentially working for you. You’ll be responsible for providing doctor reports, medical records, and other evidence to prove your claim — so when it comes time to negotiate with the insurance company, they’ll be much more likely to pay out a larger settlement.

The Choice and Circumstances

The best choice may depend on the circumstances because personal injury claims are compensated based on damages, which can include loss of income, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost quality of life, etc., so you will have plenty of reasons to actually seek legal help.

And there is one more beneficial element that needs to be considered when taking legal help. If you’ve suffered injuries, it’s likely that you’ll also have to appear in court multiple times, which can be a very taxing process. From your first appearance to the actual trial, there are many steps that might take months or years to complete — so having an attorney by your side will help reduce any stress this may cause you and your loved ones.

Injuries can drastically change your life, and it’s important to know what you can do if injured. If you suffered a workplace injury, file for disability benefits with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company or seek personal injury counsel from a qualified attorney who will help reduce stress on the court process.

But keep in mind that some people have success with both strategies, so don’t just rely on one as an option without exploring the benefits of the other one first!