Telcoin and Arweave Moving Towards Top 50 Cryptocurrencies – Can HUH Token Join Them?

By  //  November 5, 2021

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Top 50 positions are becoming increasingly difficult to secure as the cryptocurrency market becomes flooded with more altcoins. Telcoin and Arweave are two currencies that are making strides towards this position, following a good few days. They currently sit at positions 88 and 64 respectively.

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that is hoping to sit among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, the token will have to reach one milestone at a time.

Telcoin allows its users to carry out rapid, low cost and international remittances. The main aim is to provide a medium for people to send money to relatives across the globe, this is available outside of this coin but is normally accompanied by large transaction fees and delays.

The coins are given to mobile network operators who sell them to their subscribers, they also provide incentives to these networks so that more of them can join in supporting the currency.

Arweave uses ‘blockweave’ technology and is primarily concerned with data storage. Their aim is to allow data to become stored online, permanently. Blockweave refers to a series of blocks that all contain data, these blocks are all linked to data contained in the previous set of blocks.

Arweave would like developers to host their own files on platforms developed using Arweave. Moving away from commonplace web hosts could be an appealing factor for many and inspires confidence moving forward for the token.

HUH Token is a multichain token that will be launching on the 6th of December 2021. Not being on the market makes it challenging to provide predictions on future pricing. However, many of the features have been shared with the public. HUH Token will have a dual currency distribution system that can be generated through referring others.

They also offer a sale tax reduction for those who are referred and then invest in HUH Token. They have recently announced that they will be going through 5 audits, one of which is Certik, and they will place a Bug Bounty for the public to review their code. These are signs of confidence and it is calming information for those who were unsure of a yet to be released token.

HUH Token makes a strong claim to be pushing for a top 100 and possibly a top 50 position. Telcom and Arweave are closing in on those positions already. With some luck and possibly some slip-ups from market leaders, there is no reason they can’t both make it.

The real question is who will make it the furthest? Telcom and Arweave’s history is available to everyone, investors can track how fast their market share has grown. HUH Token is an unknown variable that could take the market by surprise and break the top 20 before Telcom and Arweave get the chance. 

Monitoring the future progression of these cryptocurrencies would be a wise move for potential investors. They seem to be growing at steady rates, Telcom is questionable regarding its sharp increases and decreases in price. Catching these currencies at optimal points may result in ecstatic investors, sometimes getting in early on an early project such as HUH Token could yield the highest returns.