The Buyer’s Guide: Air Jordan 1

By  //  November 26, 2021

When we think about the beginning of the current sneaker rave, we remember the sneaker that began it all, the Air Jordan 1. 

The Air Jordan 1 has maintained a special place in the hearts of many sneaker lovers for various reasons. 

For one, the Air Jordan 1 is the signature piece of world-famous basketball legend Michael Jordan. Its extraordinarily comfortable and attractive design is one of the reasons it is accepted around the world. With over 40 years of this sneaker impacting lives and transforming the fashion industry, we can comfortably say the Air Jordan 1s are game-changers.

And so, we have prepared a comprehensive buyer’s guide for this sneaker. This guide covers important details that you will need before purchasing the Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

How Do Jordan 1s Fit into Your Wardrobe?

Although this sneaker’s history began on the courts gracing the feet of Michael Jordan, it has since moved into all spheres of society. It has been one of the most versatile sneakers that could be worn on the streets, for sports, games, and is well-represented in fashion and lifestyles globally. 

There are several ways to style this sneaker with your wardrobe. It can be styled both formally and informally, depending on the occasion. 


In recent times, the Air Jordan 1 Mids have steadily increased in popularity and acceptance in some parts of Europe, although it was initially treated like the ugly one in the family of the more popular Air Jordan 1 line. 

Sneaker lovers in Europe have largely tilted towards the Highs and Lows, rather than the Mids, even though Michael Jordan was believed to have played a few games in the Air Jordan 1 Mid.

 Recently, several celebrities have been spotted wearing more Mids on social media. Some believe this might be a ploy to promote the sales of more Mids, and have begun calling it a “Mid agenda.” 

How Much Do Air Jordan 1s Cost?

The Air Jordan 1s can cost anywhere from £90 or £170 in stores. This retail price is however dependent on the model of the Air Jordan 1s. Some models will cause an immediate sellout. That way buyers and sellers are capable of determining the price it goes for in the market.  

The Takeaway

Over the years, the Air Jordan 1 has become one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world. Apart from its widely accepted design, the Air Jordan 1s has been able to record this much success because of its cultural, fashion, and historical importance.

With over 1500 different Jordan 1s in the market, buyers can opt for whatever style and color fall within their preference and budget.

If you’re a collector, the Jordan 1 Highs are your best bet. Culture connoisseurs can explore the various collaborations available, and budget-conscious buyers can find beautiful and stylish sneakers amongst the Jordan 1 Mids.

This sneaker has paved the way for other pioneers for the great sneaker culture to take advantage of the success of the AJ1s and release collaborations for the benefit of hardcore sneakerheads. From Aleali Mary, J Balvin to Travis Scott and many other popular artists, they have used the Jordan 1 sneaker as the start point to produce beautiful and artistic sneakers that every sneaker lover would adore.