The Easiest Guide to Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

By  //  November 12, 2021

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Do you have trouble finding the right shape of eyeglasses that look perfect on your face? This struggle is real as most of us aren’t always certain about which glasses to pick based on our face shape. Not everybody can slay in cat eye glasses after all!

If you want help with choosing the right glasses for your face shape, keep on reading this article.

Know your face shape

You might have an oval, round, square, diamond, or heart face shape. 

If you do not know which shape yours is, then take a close look at your face in the mirror. It is essential to study your facial features to understand the shape before you choose a nice frame on online stores like SmartBuyGlasses.

For an oval face – Various shapes of eyeglasses suit the oval face. The features of an oval face would include higher and slightly wider cheekbones, which are narrower towards the forehead region. This allows you to pull off any eyeglasses with ease, especially the oversized and wide frames.

You can go bold with funky colors, frame shapes, or textures. Try out the unconventional shapes of the frames and they all will look equally good on you. However, stay away from the narrow frames, and the ones that come with heavy design elements. They might add unnecessary length to your overall facial region.

For a square face- Different glasses can look flattering on a square-shaped face. These faces are wide on the jaws and forehead, and because of that, the glasses sit on the top of the nose adding some length to the overall face. To enhance the overall look, go with a darker and round frame that will soften and add contrast to your angular facial features. You can also choose rimless or semi-rimless frames.

For a round face- When you have a round face, angular frames work the best. Round faces have almost proportional length and breadth, and adding an angular frame to it will give depth and add that extra definition to the face. Avoid small and round frames. You can go for the rimless or semi-rimless options.

For a heart-shaped face- They are widest at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones. So to enhance the features of this shape, you should go for glasses that are round or oval-shaped, thin, and lightly colored. Do not choose the frames that have heavy bottoms or are oversized.

You should also avoid frames that have a lot of design elements. You can opt for frames that are slightly wider than your forehead, to balance and enhance your facial features. The rimless style will look quite good on you.

For diamond-shaped face- It is the rarest face shape and comes with full cheeks and a narrow forehead and jawline. If you have a diamond-shaped face, go for rimless or oval frames. This will help in enhancing your facial features and highlighting the right points.

Now that you know how simple it is to choose the right glasses for your face shape, visit America’s favorite eyewear retailer, SmartBuyGlasses and level up your style!