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By  //  November 8, 2021

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During the last couple of years, video conferencing has been gaining impressive popularity not only in the business sphere but also in other sections of the world’s economy – education, medicine, and even politics. Remote communication via different platforms is greatly applauded due to its convenience and effective work under the COVID restrictions. 

There is a wide range of apps offering various options for holding online meetings. That’s why discovering something unique that will actually work for a particular business or person may take much time. Let’s save this precious resource and welcome one brilliant solution for all kinds of virtual meetups – CallOut.

We’ve analyzed all the problems people face while living through the pandemic and created a unique program, which tries to solve them.

The most common problem of modern life is a lack of real “offline” communication. So our team developed each feature with the desire to make virtual events as close as possible to those that happen in real life.

Full-HD video & audio quality for everyone

As long as it’s mostly about video conferencing, the service provides for every opportunity to turn on the camera and enjoy new-level meetings with high-quality picture and sound.

CallOut lets each user hold online conferences with certainty that the call won’t become pixelated.

Moreover, we’ve added some advanced functions, which enhance the conversation experience:

Muting background noise

Splitting audio streams

They both develop a sense of a real gathering, putting the sound under full control.

Advanced communication tools based on artificial intelligence

Not every application can boast of a service controlled by AI. But this is not about CallOut!

Now you are able to enjoy more interactive, fun, and less stressful gatherings applying the following features:

Gesture recognition, allowing to turn signs into managing tools

Emotions and pulse assessment, shown right on the screen

Smart cloud recording with a brief conversation transcript

Weatherman” style layouts

Virtual backgrounds and beautification 

Let yourself feel stunning and fresh, allowing the beautification tool to do its job.

Hide all the imperfections, tidy up your hair, refresh the make-up by simply turning your camera on. Our smart filters are at your service!

Don’t have a minute to get rid of chaos around? Apply a virtual background, or, as an alternative, just blur it to put yourself in the spotlight.

With those cutting-edge features, you won’t feel stressed before an important event.

Quick tip

You can try a basic plan, which provides the users of our free video chat app with a bunch of useful functions, including unlimited meetings, gesture recognition, 3D backgrounds, and more.

All these features represent only the smallest part of the application power.

We’ve succeeded in blurring the line between virtual and real gatherings. With CallOut, online communication is almost as good as real face-to-face meetings. Wanna check? Download it on our official website now!