What Are the Modern Fishing Gears?

By  //  November 30, 2021

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Fishing has been among the go-to recreational activities for hundreds of years. But the crude items of yesteryear have nothing on today’s vast assortment of modern fishing gear.

The current recreational fishing market offers completely new products. It also holds technologically advanced versions of our favorite traditional equipment pieces.

You can see here or read on for a glimpse of some of the hottest fishing gear on the market today. Don’t miss out on adding these pieces to your tackle storage.

Best Modern Fishing Gear

There are hundreds of new pieces to scour through such as the best gloves for ice fishing, but the following five are the most versatile and have a good chance of meeting fishing needs at all levels. 

Shimano Trevala PX Series

Arguably, rod and reels have evolved into their very best forms to date in the Shimano Trevala PX series. If you want power and strength in a reel-and-rod combo, look no further than in this line of products.

This version trumps the last one by a mile with a hi-power X design that relies on slantly-wrapped carbon tape overlapping the blank’s outermost layer. The series also has its twist-resistant technology, which takes overall rod strength to impressive levels. Anglers with hardcore styles definitely don’t want to miss out on this modern addition.

Raptor Shallow Water Anchors

So much about fishing success depends on the water conditions, which we sometimes can’t tell from above water. Raptor shallow water anchors by Minn Kota offer more convenient ways for determining conditions below the water surface up to the bottom. They also keep your boat anchored firmly regardless of the fishing situation.

The latest of these shallow water anchors come in eight-foot and 10-foot lengths and various colors and styles. They come with quite the price tag, but their range of benefits shouldn’t make that too big of an issue. There’s also a five-year warranty, including a lifetime warranty on the spike. That screams one reliable product!

Zebco Delta Spincast

Zebco is known for its regular fishing upgrades, so this state-of-the-art combo from them doesn’t come as a surprise. The Delta Spincast is a high-performing reel-and-rod tandem designed for reeling in good quality catches. It has a rod made of graphite and a handle designed with a cork split-grip for optimal dexterity and comfort. All these under the combination’s five-bearing arrangement makes for smooth and superior casting across all catch sizes.

The Zebco reel is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for excellent durability and comes with a versatile drag system for luring in frisky fish. Expect this reel to hold no matter the strength of the catch or toughness of the conditions.

One of the most versatile spincasts to date, this model works as effectively for lefties as it does for righties.

Old Town Sportsman Kayaks

You can take your fishing excursions to the next level with Old Town Sportsman’s line of state-of-the-art kayaks. There are seven boats in all: three that are made-to-pedal, two that run on AutopilotTM, and two designed for paddling.

The company leverages over a century of boat-building technology to bring nothing but the best to their water-loving customers.

Old Town Sportsman’s flagship model is the AutopilotTM kayak, a ride that brings hands-free fishing to entirely different heights. It comes in two sizes integrated fully with Minn Kota’s 45-pound saltwater-safe engines and GPS virtual anchoring to place you in the perfect fishing spot.

It’s powered entirely by a touch system using a remote, so never once are your hands used for anything but catching fish. Both models under the AutopilotTM are the most durable and versatile of the bunch, capable of toughing out difficult fishing conditions.

Fenwick’s World Class Ice Rod

People have been fishing on the ice since the olden days, and it doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. Thus, the advent of Fenwick’s world-class ice rod is about as solid an ice breaker as you can acquire in today’s market.

Given its simplicity, it’s the last tool you’d expect to exhibit finesse, but it delivers just that with incredible ease. This Fenwick tool is named world-class for a reason. It leverages premium carbon construction and a Tennessee-inspired cork drip to bring a superior ice-breaking performance.

The heavyweight ice destruction works in tandem with lightweight handling, so you don’t have to exude more effort than necessary. At the end of the day, Fenwick’s goal is to ensure most of your energy is directed towards the actual fishing and not anything else.

Stick To the Gear Pieces You Need

As great as some of these gear pieces are, it usually isn’t a good idea to substitute a go-to item for one.

Generally, it’s best to have them as additions to your kit rather than replacements for tools you already know work for you. Only when you find an advanced version of an essential fishing tool should you consider using it as a fill-in for a proven-and-tested piece in your tackle box.