What Foods are Rodents Attracted To?

By  //  November 24, 2021

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Rodents are omnivores and eat almost all kinds of foods. Rats are scavengers and can be attracted to almost anything that can be considered as a food source. However, if you leave certain types of foods out in the open, mice and rats will especially be drawn to them. So what are these foods that can readily draw rodents to your home? It is important to know them if you want to create an effective Rodent Control solution.

1. Sweet & Salty Foods

Rodents are attracted to both sweet and salty foods. Whether it is gumdrops or chocolate, these pests will be readily drawn to these types of foods.

2. Fruits & Berries

If you have fruits and berries in your garden, they will readily attract rodents. It is also recommended not to leave these foods open in your house. Keep all fruits and berries inside your home covered. If there are ripe fruits on the trees or bushes, make sure they are picked in time. It is also important to clean up all the over-ripe fruits and berries that have fallen on the ground.

3. Meat

Rodents are also drawn to meat wherever they can find it. As already mentioned, rats and mice are omnivorous animals.

Some of the common areas where they can find meat in homes include:

Kitchen sinks

Trash cans


Especially rats will consume all types of red meat, fish, and poultry. Mice, however, have a greater preference for plant-based foods.

4. Seeds & Grains

Seeds and grains can be found abundantly in and around homes and in different forms. They also form an important component in the diet of rodents. You should especially know this when storing food. 

You should store the following items in glass, plastic, or other containers that cannot be chewed through:




Sunflower seeds

5. Nuts

Rodents are hyperactive creatures and need loads of energy to stay active. Nuts are rich in protein and supply these animals with lots of energy. You should keep the almonds, walnuts, and peanuts in your home in tightly closed containers. Nuts have such a big draw on rats and mice that they are used to lay the bait for these pests.

6. Pet Food

If you have a pet in your home, it is highly likely that you have a rodent problem. The pests are readily drawn to pet food. It is common for people to leave pet food outside and in the open overnight. Open pet foods are easy pickings for rodents. Avoid keeping pet food out overnight. Make sure the food is stored in solid containers. 

Keep your home and the surroundings clean to prevent rats and mice from being attracted. Clean and remove animal products, rotten food, and compost. Rodents are scavengers and thus spread pathogens and diseases. Just like you will need mosquito control, Pest control Sydney, or any other pest control, it is important to keep rodents out of your mind.