What is Kratom? Get Free High Quality Kratom Samples and Find Out

By  //  November 12, 2021

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What is Kratom? Get Free High Quality Kratom Samples and Find Out

Even though it was relatively unknown in the West until recently, Kratom has been making headlines for the past few years as more people discover and use it. Curious to find out more? Why not learn a little about what Kratom does and how you can get free high quality Kratom samples, so you can see for yourself?

What is Kratom and Where Can You Buy It?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree from the coffee family that is native to Southeast Asia, where the local humidity and environmental conditions allow it to grow. Kratom powder is a substance made from the leaves of those trees. It has been used by locals in Southeast Asia for over 200 years, who either chew on the whole leaves, grind them into powder, or make it into tea.

In the last few years, Kratom has made its way to the US and other Western countries, where consumers have found it helpful with a range of personal issues. Users today prefer to either take Kratom extract directly, or use Kratom powder and in capsule form. With capsules, the effects of Kratom take longer to feel and isn’t as strong as taking powder, while the effects are much more immediate and intense via powder. Both capsules, powder, and extra strength can be purchased in several different online vendors, but one of the stores has been in business for 10+ years, with the best varieties TGR Leafy.com.

So what exactly are Kratom’s effects?

Well, those who follow Eastern medicine have used Kratom for health benefits ranging from aches and pain management to boosting energy levels and elevating moods. Like other substances, Kratom has energetic and non-energetic strains, mostly related to the level of caffeination. White veined Kratom, for example, usually produces the most energy boosting effects in users, while red vein Kratom is better linked to calming effects and body euphoria emphasizing on the nervous system.

Though Kratom belongs to the coffee family, it is molecularly similar to opioids; however, users don’t face nearly the same range of negative side effects. A lot of the effects of Kratom depend not only on the user and their specific body chemistry, but also on the vein of Kratom they decide to take depending on their body tolerance.

What is Your Daily Dose of Kratom?

There is no standard daily dose of Kratom, but most vendors and companies will advise you to start with a low dose. Vendors generally recommend starting with around four grams of powder, perhaps even three if you know your body is sensitive, generally has a lower tolerance, or you are a smaller-sized person.

Those looking for a free Kratom sample should also know that there are many different strains of this plant, as briefly mentioned above, which might affect dosage. The most popular is probably white vein Kratom, though green vein Kratom and red vein Kratom also top the list of user preferences.

White Vein, Green vein, Gold vein and Plantation Kratom has the highest alkaloid counts, and therefore should theoretically have the strongest effect on users, though this doesn’t always end up being the case depending on individuals body chemistry.

Most vendors who sell Kratom will advice consumers to try a few different strains, but only one at a time, and several times in a row before switching up. This allows users to select options and better understand the difference between each strain and its reaction within their body.

Additional strains include Bali Kratom powder, Borneo Kratom, Red Bali Kratom, and Green Maeng Da. There are plenty of variations within the strains as well, including Red Maeng and Green Borneo. Consumers eager to see which strain might work best for them should speak with a representative from TGR Leafy.com about what they’re looking for, as well as do some research to get a quick view of the Kratom strains that exist, read up on online reviews and see how each different strain is rated.

The best way to take Kratom is with some kind of citrus juice, not only because of the vitamin C, but because it balances out the earthy flavor of the Kratom. Vitamin C works really well with the alkaloids because it actually prevents the liver from processing it as fast so the effects of Kratom last a little longer. The best way to take is powder, because you can take less and get more.

So How Do I Get Kratom Samples Free?

TGR Leafy.com works with two major Kratom companies: Krizzurp and Klarity. Those vendors are preferred because they perform testing and quality checks on all Kratom products entering the country. Both brands are very selective providing test lab results for safety precaution reasons, and in which products they end up shipping to the US, and they make sure to pick the best high quality strains, with highest alkaloid counts.

TGR Leafy.com has sold Kratom products from these brands for 10+ years, so they have high faith in both companies and are super excited to be able to offer those products to consumers who might be curious about Kratom but haven’t yet gotten around to buying any.

Those looking to try a sample pack for themselves should check out TGR Leafy.com, which will soon be doing a giveaway of free Kratom powder samples for customers interested in the plant extract. It’s a limited time offer, so make sure to check out the website to know when to sign up for free samples.

Disclaimer: Kratom has not been approved by the FDA for treating any serious medical conditions, and does not make any claims to treat or cure diseases.