What is the Reason Behind Netflix Blocking Proxies and VPNs?

By  //  November 3, 2021

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The number one reason Netflix banned VPN connections is geo-restriction because the streaming giant doesn’t have the right to air their content in many countries.

So, when a subscriber uses VPN to watch certain shows not available in their region, Netflix will be held accountable because it’s violating the copyright agreement. How so?

Even though the subscriber is the one using the VPN, it’s the company that makes sure that the streams are only available in regions it’s licensed to.

Netflix, therefore, has to take the necessary steps to ensure paying subscribers are not using VPN with their service. Even if some use it for security purposes, they do so as a precaution to avoid violating their copyright agreement.

But without using the VPNs, a subscriber is limited to stream shows available in that region. But while using a VPN, there is no limit, for you can unblock Netflix in any region. But first, how does Netflix ban VPNs?

How Netflix Bans VPNs

The movie companies are highly pressuring Netflix to take action against people who use VPN/proxies to bypass regional restrictions. So how do they do it?

Well, they try to keep it a secret. However, the company’s known method uses IP blacklisting and banning Ip addresses detected using VPN/proxy servers.

Once Netflix detects that many users use one IP address, their server automatically bans that IP address. But, once blocked, how can one unblock?

How to Unblock Netflix with a VPN

Once Netflix has blacklisted your IP address, you have to turn off the proxies and the VPN. Meaning you have to stream what is allowed in your region. But below are some ways that can help you unblock Netflix in any region.

Switch Servers

The VPN and Proxy server detection used by Netflix is one of the best in the world. It easily detects an IP address using a VPN. This means that even the best VPNs get detected. Therefore, be prepared to try a lot of servers, especially if you are using a free VPN/Proxy.

Get Netflix VPN

It will be difficult to find a server that will work with Netflix, especially if you use a lesser version of VPNs/Proxies. The reason is that you need to have an unlimited selection of servers that you will be switching to once it gets detected. Unfortunately, unpaid VPNs/proxies only consist of selected servers.

Surf Shark and NordVPN are the best-preferred VPNs, for they consist of thousands of servers you can choose from for the countries you would like to access. In addition, they get recommended due to their speed when it comes to streams and consist of servers dedicated for use with Netflix and other streaming services.

If you find it hard to find a Netflix server, you will get the help you need, for they are available for a live chat. 

Benefits of using VPN with Netflix

With a VPN, streaming content has no restriction as the geo-blocking barrier becomes useless. Therefore, you are free to stream all content from different regions around the globe.

The main reason subscribers use VPN/proxy servers is because of the privacy they provide. It is impossible for one to detect what you are doing, who you are, or what region you are in. It, therefore, helps secure your data from hackers.

Netflix only allows you to stream movies and shows that are available in your region. However, with use of a VPN, it will give you access to any streaming content in the world.

Using VPNs And Proxies on Netflix; is it illegal?

Keep in mind that using a VPN/Proxy to access the international provider catalog is different from piracy. So, no. One will not be doing anything illegal.

Though, some countries may decide to ban the use of VPNs and Proxies. In that case, it is illegal in that country but not with Netflix.


Netflix doesn’t want its subscribers to use VPNs because it doesn’t encourage people to do so. The reason it wants you to enjoy the service available in your location.

Some shows may not be available in the region that you are in, but using VPN/proxies and streaming them, Netflix will be held accountable for violating their copyright agreement.