4 Christmas Gifts to Help Your Loved Ones Relax This Holiday Season

By  //  December 16, 2021

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The Christmas gift buying season is a time that can be very stressful for you and your loved ones. While buying gifts certainly isn’t stressful in the same way as trying to scrape together the money to pay your mortgage or taxes, gift shopping still has an element of stress that you’d be unwise to ignore.

Trying to decide what the perfect gifts are for your loved ones and making sure that you can get those gifts on time without breaking the bank will definitely consume a significant portion of your mental energy until your gift shopping is done.

So, how do you handle the stress of the Christmas buying season? If you’ve noticed that some of your loved ones have become a bit short and snippy of late, there’s a good chance that the stress of gift shopping – looking for the right gifts, fighting for parking spots, struggling with out-of-stock items – is getting to them.

That’s a perfect opportunity for you to step in and give your loved one an early Christmas gift that helps him or her relax and take a load off. These are the best Christmas gifts for relaxation in 2021.

Delta 8 Products

Have you heard about Delta 8? It’s an extract made from industrial hemp, and it’s created by using the well-known supplement CBD as the basis for a chemical reaction.

Subjecting CBD to a strong acid in the presence of a solvent converts it to Delta 8. Removing the acid and the solvent leaves you with a supplement that you can then use. Compared to CBD, Delta 8 produces a more noticeable relaxation effect that can really help the user unwind without making that person feel like he or she needs to stay tethered to the couch all day. If you’re not sure where to begin, this Delta 8 gift guide can help you get started.

Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer

If the stressed-out person in your life also happens to be a serious caffeine addict, it’s possible that person has never given much thought to the fact that their overconsumption of coffee may actually be increasing their stress levels by making them feel jittery all day.

One way to help that person reduce their jitters is by encouraging them to switch from coffee to tea. Tea contains less caffeine per serving than coffee, and since the caffeine is absorbed more slowly, switching from coffee to tea doesn’t quite as abrupt as simply reducing your coffee consumption.

Of course, one of the challenges with tea is that bagged tea often doesn’t taste very good, and loose-leaf tea can be difficult to brew. Some types of high-end green tea, for instance, are very sensitive to temperature. If the water is too hot, green tea can taste powerfully bitter – and if the water is too cool, you’ll just end up with green water in your cup. The answer is a temperature-controlled tea brewer.

An electronic tea brewer allows you to infuse your tea at a specific temperature and for a specific amount of time, making it extremely easy to brew a high-end tea without making a mistake. To make your gift even more special, give your loved one a nice selection of high-end black and green teas to go with his or her new tea brewer. It might also be a good idea to mix in a few caffeine-free herbal teas.

New Pillow

Poor sleep quality is another issue that can really increase your overall stress levels – and if your loved one’s base stress levels are already elevated because he or she isn’t sleeping well, the stress of holiday shopping might be enough to push that person over the edge and could really start to affect his or her mood.

If your loved one spends his or her mornings yawning and gulping large amounts of coffee, that person’s sleep quality probably isn’t what it should be.

One of the major causes of poor sleep quality is hanging on to old bedding that’s overdue for replacement. People often sleep on bedding that no longer supports their backs, necks and hips properly.

They don’t stay asleep throughout the night, and they don’t wake up feeling refreshed – and what’s the reason for that? New bedding is expensive! In particular, pillows can be unbelievably costly considering that they’re basically just big, soft bags – and there’s no point at all in buying a cheap pillow because it’ll be flat in a matter of weeks.

So, your loved one struggles with their current bedding even though it’s harming their sleep quality. You can solve that problem by giving him or her a nice new pillow with a feather or shredded latex filling.

Food Delivery Gift Card

Do you know what isn’t fun? It is very, very unfun to come home and cook dinner after spending all day fighting for parking spots and standing in line to buy gifts. On a big gift shopping day, nothing feels nicer than coming home and knowing that dinner is already done, either because you’ve bought a take-out meal or because you have something in the freezer that you can just reheat.

The problem is that, during the holiday shopping season, many of us put as much of our spare money as possible into gifts while trying to cut spending in other areas. For many people, that means minimizing spending on take-out and food deliveries.

If you’d like to make a loved one’s big shopping day a little less stressful, give that person a food delivery gift card that he or she can use when cooking a meal from scratch feels like too much work.

Services like DoorDash and Grubhub will pick food up from many of the popular restaurants in your area and deliver it to your loved one’s door, and it would be hard to find a better way to end a stressful day than by having your dinner prepared for you. Giving your loved one the gift of a delivered meal also comes with an added bonus: no dishes!