5 Games Real Estate Investors Will Love

By  //  December 16, 2021

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If you’re passionate about real estate, you probably think about it when you’re not on the job. In fact, you probably are quick to pick up on the surprising real estate elements that pop up in entertainment.

Perhaps you mused about the real-life valuation for a safe house in Grand Theft Auto, or have pondered the annual taxes due on Lara Croft’s scarcely inhabited mansion. If so, these are the games for you. Read on to find out our favorite games that any impassioned real estate investor will love. 


While the goal of the hugely popular SimCity series is to build a functioning, thriving metropolis, there is a lot for real estate investors to love here. As you progress in your city, different neighborhoods will become more attractive for different real-world reasons, such as crime, local amenities, air quality, and so on.

You quickly learn what makes people move to certain places and what drives up property values in this sprawling virtual world. 

Cities: Skylines

Think of Cities: Skylines as a souped-up version of SimCity. It is essentially the much more serious older brother of its more popular counterpart. In Skylines, your goal is also to build up a city from scratch.

The difference is that the game mechanics are dense and often hyper-realistic, right down to the motivations of the millions of tiny denizens of your e-metropolis. Real estate plays a key role, as does zoning and development. In order to get ahead in this game, a bit of background knowledge on the driving forces behind these is key. 

Dream Destiny

If you would rather play a low-stress game that simply revels in the aspirational glamor of being a real estate mogul, try your hand at Dream Destiny.

This is a real-money online slot game from Buzz Bingo, with the theme being glass-plated Florida mansions and fast cars, the dream of many an aspiring mogul. This game also offers real cash prizes for those who are willing to wager, with a top payout that could send a lucky winner straight to the most exclusive postcodes of the Sunshine State. 

Second Life

Second Life does not get much airtime since its heyday passed over a decade ago. However, as of 2021, the site has more than 43 million active daily users, many of whom are involved in the virtual world’s sprawling real estate market.

In fact, ritzy virtual mansions inside Second Life are so in-demand among the game’s most ardent players that some virtual real estate moguls are making seven-figure profits from selling entirely digital houses. Consider this a foretelling of things to come once the Metaverse lands.


Finally, who could forget about the game franchise that redefined real estate inspo in the digital sphere? Grand Theft Auto V is filled with meticulously designed and truly stunning digital homes, all of which form part of an active and incredibly detailed virtual real estate market in the fictional city of Los Santos.

As this guide explains, homes within the GTA universe fetch between $80,000 and $1.1 million of virtual cash, which can either be bought with real cash or earned in the game itself. 

These are the games that anyone with a passion for real estate will enjoy playing over and over again. Try them out today.