5 Ways You Can Get Better At Video Games

By  //  December 25, 2021

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There are over a million gamers out there, with thousands more skillful than you are right now. This might cause fear and discouragement for pessimists, but the motivation for determined gamers. The only solution is to do everything possible to improve. Many of the Pros started poorly, too, until they nailed it. 

 This article will give you five pro tips that will mark the difference between your current gaming level and the professional level you will be at in a matter of weeks. You should also check MandateGame for useful cheats and hacks to aid your gaming experience.

Video Gaming Tips

1. Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Out of many gamers, a survey will show that a good percentage of them are extremely good in a particular game genre. And sometimes, completely useless in others. It’s a great idea to be a master in a specific genre, but we recommend that you try out diverse genres.

That way, you will learn new skills and tactics that will greatly benefit your career as a gamer. Thankfully, few games are carefully designed to help you learn transferrable skills, ideas, and approaches. Some good recommendations are Overwatch, Street Fighter IV, Super Mario, and Project cars.

2. Pre-Game Preparation

Doing some exercises before games aren’t restricted to only field athletes; video gamers need them too. This process is what is commonly referred to as warm-up. For example, a pretty good warm-up exercise is the thumb exercise you commonly find eSport competitors doing.

This is a very valuable exercise, especially if you’re going to be holding those pads for long. It will help to relax your thumbs and keep your hands stronger for considerably longer periods. Finally, it gets your thumb ready for those quick, spontaneous moves the game will require.

3. Get Yourself Personal Tutor

You may revolt at this tip since several dozens of instructors are present on Twitch and YouTube. Several online tutors are a good option, but there are many things you may never learn from game streaming. Learning these things often requires direct questions and targeted answers.

You should get a physical mentor who is way better than you at any of the games you are interested in learning. If you can’t find one around, your only left option is to get one online. This will require you to participate in some online communities of the game you’re interested in. You are sure to find some big guys in there.

4. Attempt More Difficult Feats

A common but very good way to expand anything is by stretching it beyond its limit. Taking more difficult challenges- often the ones you know you are no good at- is a good recipe for growth. Better still, go up against enemies that are far stronger and skilled than you.

This doesn’t mean you should take it to the extremes- you won’t learn anything from locking heads with Roger Federer. The key is to learn their techniques and approaches to different situations. Over time, you will naturally emulate their play style and techniques.

5. Watch Yourself Play

Don’t restrict yourself to watching only streaming from professional players. Also, take the time to watch and analyze your gameplay, taking note of things you could have done differently. More so, it allows you to identify bad patterns and habits in your play and work towards correcting them.

Most gamers only watch replays after a win, ignoring their losing games. The truth is watching both kinds of games is important if you want to improve. This is because you may not have noticed things during the game since you had a lot to focus on. You will discover them and see better options when you watch replays.


If you adopt and carefully practice the tips provided in this article, you can be sure of surprising yourself. Of course, taking the step to launch a search on getting better is a very good move. But what’s more important is your willingness to grow. 

To do this, you must stay challenged, determined, and be willing to face some failures undeterred. However, be sure to acknowledge your failures, take note of their causes, and improve in those areas. Then we can be sure of your transition from a novice to a pro.