7 Best Apex Legends Tips Every Player Should Know

By  //  December 25, 2021

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Apex legend is one of the most popular multiplatform games, launched in February 2019. designed by Respawn entertainment and electronic art, the game has attracted a large number of users since then.

This game is now among the most popular online shooting games, which you can play on pc, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Like any other game, there are some of the best pro tips that you should follow to win this very game as well.

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Don’t Forget To Use Your Abilities.

When you are shooting, it happens at times that you forget about your abilities completely. Try to use your knowledge at least once in every fight at the most appropriate time. It can also be used while scanning, using a smoke grenade, healing, or grappling. 

You can help your team effectively by using your abilities and thus increasing the winning chances of your team.

Adjust Field of view settings

Adjust your Field of view from default settings. In-game narrower vision is usually given, but it slows down your movement. Also, there is a high chance that you might lose the loot in your periphery. Sometimes you also miss an incoming enemy, which can prove fatal to you and your team.

You should expand your Field of view to 110 or maybe 90 according to your comfort level with the settings. You can also change the settings mid-game.

Allocation of Crouch Button

Swift movement is the key to winning close-range firefights in Apex legends. And one way of achieving it is to switch up the controller layout.

The most common setup used by pro players is the button punch layout which swaps the crouch button with melee. After that, you can crouch and slide while firing, and you become too fast to handle for your enemies.

Dropping Early

At first, it does not seem like a very safe option to consider. However, it is advisable to jump early in the hot zones if you are just a beginner. It will give you the experience to handle intense firefights and quick thinking ability.

You can also get quality loot early on in the round and have a better chance of survival. You might not find this option very plausible at first, but your skills will grow with time.

Dropping Late

You can consider this option if you want to have a slow start and calmly wish to complete the loot and plan your strategy. You can survive deep in the game as most good players will already land on hotspots, and many of them would perish by then.

However, there is also a slight catch in jumping late; you might not find good quality loot that you need to compete with players in later circles. So plan your jumping accordingly and find a site where high-quality loot is always available and is situated in safe zones.

Swapping over Reload

When you are in one-to-one combat with your enemy, then raining bullets on him is the only option of survival. But if you stop and reload, then there is a high chance your enemy might heal himself or change position to a safer place.

That is why it is recommended that you swap to your secondary weapon if your primary one runs out of bullets. In that way, you will put your enemy under pressure and finish the kill without giving your enemy a chance to heal.

Communication with Your Team

Communication with your teammates is a must in winning any fight. You need to be aware of the position of your teammate, and when a firefight starts, you need to make sure that everyone is playing their designated roles.

It is also beneficial in filling your need for any specific item in the game if you are in short supply. Good communication not only increases the chances of your survival but will also increase your RP in the game.

Final Words

So these were some of the best pro tips you need to ace in the game and become a new legend of Apex legends. Happy gaming!