GNL’s Crypto Token as a Source of Renewable Energy Creation

By  //  December 15, 2021

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Did you know that a blockchain-based project is planning to create renewable power projects with funds raised from the Initial Coin Offerings? Yes, we’ve all heard of the Initial Coin Offerings, their role in the technology world, IDO Vs ICO situations, but renewable power projects are the latest trend that we wish to discuss more.

Believe it or not, as the cryptocurrency landscape is still evolving, there has been an urge to shift towards a world that will provide renewable energy. One of the most viable solutions is Green Life Energy Global or the GNL. 

Let’s get to know more about the project itself, shall we?

What is precisely the Green Life Energy Global project?

The famous GNL project predicts a bright future for crypto to become a part of the solution. The PR of the project claims that GNL tends to bring the blockchain just a bit further, not just for creating the next generation crypto-asset but also to change the entire financial sector on recycling payments and energy.

To execute this particular vision, Green Life Energy Global aims to start with the proceeds from its ICO, or as we all know it, by the full name, the Initial Coin Offering. GNL project stated that they will directly invest 50% of the amount of money raised into building wind, power farms, and numerous other renewable energy projects worldwide. 

When it comes to investors, the motive for investing is the excellent opportunity to contribute to creating clean sources of energy. Green Life Energy Global states that token holders can earn considerable rewards through staking, reflection, and farming.

GNL’s energy token – a brief explanation 

To better understand how it all functions, it’s important to note that GNL’s energy token is created on the BSC, short for Binance Smart Chain. It’s interesting to note that the BEP-20 token is explicitly developed for payments. It has a max supply of 500,000,000. 

Every trade contributes toward automatically generating a liquidity pool which means that the project is based on an Automatic LP approach. There will also be a 5% tax on anyone who wants to sell their tokens, while 3% of these five will be awarded to the existing holders of GNL tokens. The other 2% will go towards the liquidity pool. 

The Wallet of GNL will grant users swapping between one hundred different cryptocurrencies without any problems and will burn 50,000,000 GNL tokens in a period of seventy-four weeks. After it’s done, it will determine whether and when it will execute more token burns.  

Creating a way to a greener future

Once GNL completes its Initial Coin Offerings, it will distribute non fungible tokens, known as the NFTs, its blockchain, and decentralized exchange, the famous DEX. Right after its DEX is up and running, it will be possible for token holders to engage in farming and staking to the following significant passive income. 

To create a way to a greener future and make the planet a better place, GNL tends to form partnerships with recycling companies and renewable energy. In addition to that, they want to build a solar farm for wind and solar power, to generate biomass energy, and to plant harvesting willows and broadleaf trees.

GNL is ready to change the world of finance in renewable energy payments and make our planet a healthier and better place by taking action on climate change! They said, “If it’s not green, it is not us.”