Guide to Buying an Electric Bicycle: Some Recommendations

By  //  December 16, 2021

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After initial opposition, electric bikes have taken hold in the cycling market, supported by a lot of wholesale electric bikes sold in the market. Especially if we look at the roads. Electric mountain bikes have become so popular that even some professional cyclists use them for training. We have made you a guide on how to choose your e-bike.

The great advantage of e-mtb is that it extends the world of cycling to many more sectors of society and introduces riders who could not practice them before into new disciplines of MTB. The electric mountain bike democratizes the roads and makes them accessible to almost all cyclists.

Those with less watts can go where they couldn’t before and enjoy the dips. And those who had never gotten on a bicycle or did it in a punctual way know that fatigue is not going to be the limit to make a showy route and with a certain unevenness.

Electric MTBs have made newer cyclists lose their ‘fear’, but the fact that they have a motor does not mean that they do not have to pedal. It is simply an aid that allows you to reach a lot of places that you could not before. With effort, yes. Pedaling, too. But without reaching extreme exhaustion.

The engine not only helps in the ascents and in the flat. On the descents, the extra weight of the bike helps to avoid having to be too complicated to trace, since it is capable of ‘eating’ almost any stone.

Tips for buying:

The two main determinants of electric MTBs are the power of the engine and the autonomy of the battery. In both cases, it has more power in watts and greater autonomy, more safety for cyclists. But when buying an E-MTB we must be clear about what we are going to use it for.

– XCO or city routes. In this case we must choose a Sport type MTB. They are the cheapest and most versatile models and only have front suspension. They serve to do many kilometers without complications.

– Routes with complicated descents. Here we take a leap and the model of electric MTB that we must choose is the Trail. The difference is that the suspension is longer, so it allows lowering with some safety, although it continues with only front suspension.

All MTB: When the terrain gets more complicated and what you are looking for is comfort, you have to choose the ALL MTB model. It incorporates a double suspension that allows you to go down almost anywhere and with the electric aid it allows you to go up through complicated trails.

Enduro: It is the ideal bicycle for those who enjoy going down and one of the main reasons why electric mountain bikes were born. The engine is used to avoid suffering while going up a mountain and to be able to launch downhill without problem with the suspensions of more than 160 mm. They also have suspension in the frame.

Another of the great advantages of electric bicycles is that they help improve urban mobility and reduce traffic jams and pollution, although in our country, there are still cities where the road network needs to be adapted to cyclists. With assisted pedaling, almost anyone can use an e-bike to go from one point to another in the city without getting tired and without sweating.

To choose which urban electric bicycle you should buy, you can take a look at this comparison with the best on the market and in which there are not only the most recognized brands in the professional cycling world. Bikes like the ones provided by Haidong, the best Chinese electric bike manufacturer, are a good solution and quite inexpensive.

The main thing about city bikes is the space you have at home to store them. If you live in a small apartment you should opt for a folding one. Right now the option of leaving the e-bike on the street overnight is not the safest. In addition, this type of bicycles also allows you to take them on public transport and even store them in the office.

To use it as a means of transport, both for the cyclist and cargo, the best option are the Dutch, hybrid or mtb models, which allow you to put saddlebags and use them to go shopping. The last two, in addition, can also be used to go out of the city and take a bikepacking trip.