How the iGaming Market Boomed in the US in 2021

By  //  December 29, 2021

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Much like most of the world at the moment, the iGaming industry in America is currently experiencing rapid growth as more and more people in various states discover the benefits of sports betting and casino gaming. As such, the iGaming market is booming and illustrating somewhat of a revival. 

The global pandemic has certainly played a part in iGaming’s rise through the entertainment rankings in the last year or so, with people stuck indoors and keen to access a variety of entertainment with a few touches on a smartphone device.

Accessing a mobile casino game or placing a bet on a big sporting event has never been so easy with that in mind, allowing people who perhaps hadn’t ventured into the iGaming sphere before to experience it for themselves. 

Now, people are dabbling in the odd sports bet after conducting some research ahead of a big Premier League encounter, while also using resources like Gamblers Pro to help find high-quality casinos which have been reviewed by the experts.

As an all-round entertainment option, the iGaming market has certainly boomed in the US in 2021, but why? What has contributed to its overall rise in the last year or so? Let’s look at some of the main contributory factors below. 

Many US states are proposing new laws related to gambling

Alongside the global pandemic’s contribution to the iGaming market’s fruitful 2021 has come an attempt by many states in America to propose new laws related to gambling as they attempt to amend stagnant legislation that currently prohibits many forms of gambling in the country.

There was a huge breakthrough in May 2018 in particular, when the US Supreme Court made a monumental ruling to legalise sports betting across the whole country. This, in turn, gave the population immediate access to sports betting and opened the casino gaming space to a new audience.

The historic decision also helped lessen the array of gamers which turned to illegal, unregulated sites too, therefore stopping the unscrupulous offerings from adding to the staggering $150 billion they illegally make every year. Now, people can access legal sites and enjoy the benefits of placing a bet or having a casino gaming session. 

An all-round better product now on offer 

As soon as Americans were able to access online casino sites and place a variety of sports bets, they discovered the improved all-round offering as a result. Many of the casino games around today offer a better gaming experience than ever before, especially when you factor in the selection of bonuses and the huge wins which can be had.

Likewise, there are live dealer games like poker which provide people with an authentic casino gaming experience by highlighting the sounds of a land-based casino, there’s high-definition cameras which capture every bit of the action, and a dealer which players can talk to and see shuffling the cards which helps imitate the gaming experience on offer at a brick-and-mortar casino. Alongside this, there’s bingo, live casino game shows, more sports betting opportunities than ever before – such as in-play betting, and an all-round increase in the quality of products on offer. 

With more states expected to relax its gambling laws and more online sites boasting better products, the iGaming market is only going to get bigger in the US.