How to Download Panda Helper on iPhone and Android Devices

By  //  December 27, 2021

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Right now, iOS users have plenty of methods to download the apps and games they want. Jailbreaks are beginning to come back and there are loads of unofficial app stores, all offering third-party modified and tweaked content for free.

One of the best unofficial app stores is Panda Helper, offering those who don’t want to jailbreak a decent choice of content and is also proving a popular alternative to the iOS app store. Free to use, you can install it on iOS, Android, and desktop computers, so read on for all the details.

How to Download Panda Helper:

Because Panda Helper is available on multiple platforms, you will need to choose your platform from the methods listed below and follow the guide:

Method 1: iOS

For this, the configuration profile needs to be installed on your device, using Safari browser:

1. Use Safari browser to open the Panda Helper download page

2. Download a configuration profile from the page

3. On the confirmation message, tap on Allow and wait for the next page to open

4. Tap Install and, if asked to, type in your device passcode

5. Tap on Install and wait for Panda Helper to appear on your home screen

Before you can use Panda Helper properly, there is one more step to complete:

Fixing the Untrusted Developer Error:

Because Panda Helper is unofficial, Apple won’t allow you to use it. This is because they are unable to verify the developer but you can do this on your device with just a  couple of steps:

1. Note the name of the developer in the Untrusted Developer message

2. Open the iOS Settings app

3. Tap on General > Profiles & Device Management

4. Tap on the developer’s name in the list

5. Tap on the Trust or verify button

6. Close Settings – Now you can use Panda Helper

Method 2: Android 

For this, the APK file must be installed on your device:

1. Go into your Android Settings app and into Security or Privacy

2. Select the option that allows you to download from Unknown Sources and tap the slider to enable it

3. Close Settings and go to your device browser

4. Navigate to the Panda Helper APK Download page

5. Download the .apk file onto your device

6. Now go to your device downloads location

7. Double-tap on the .apk file and follow the on-screen installation directions

8. When the app is installed, you will see the Panda Helper icon on your home page

Method 3: PC or Mac

Because Panda Helper is a mobile app, it doesn’t have direct support for desktop computers. However, an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks or Nox Player, will allow you to use it:

1. Download Nox Player or BlueStacks onto your computer

2. Open the emulator and leave it to set up

3. Open the Panda Helper download page and download the .apk file

4. Extract the file contents and then drag the .apk file to the emulator

5. Alternatively, right-click the file and choose Open With or type Panda Helper into the search bar in the emulator

6. Click on Panda Helper in the emulator and leave it to install

When it is finished, you can access Panda Helper through the emulator

Using Panda Helper:

1. Launch Panda Helper and click on Apps

2. Choose an app category

3. Find an app or game you want to install and click it – a search bar is available to help you find specific apps or games

4. Click Install and wait for the app to install

iOS users may need to follow the untrusted developer error guide before they can use any app or game

Panda Helper Features:

Panda Helper provides users with plenty of cool features:

 Free – everything is free, no hidden fees

 No Need to Jailbreak – or rooting for Android users

■ User-Friendly – simple interface, built-in search bar

■ Multiple Platform Support – works on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

■ Plenty of Apps – thousands of apps and games, including free unofficial content

■ Legal and Safe – regular updates, no jailbreaking or rooting, and SSL encryption is included

■ Cydia Alternative – not the same but does offer plenty of unofficial content

■ 24/7 Support – customer service is available round the clock

■ TopRated Installer – One of the best unofficial app installers in the world, reliable, stable and with plenty of content

Millions of people are now using Panda Helper, not just as an alternative to Cydia, but also as an official app store alternative. It is diverse, working on most major platforms, which expands its customer base significantly. The choice of apps, games and other content is also diverse, offering something to suit all users.

Try it on your mobile device or desktop today; it’s completely free so you don’t have anything to lose and Panda Helper might just become your go-to app store.