How to Host a Business Family Event to Show Employee Appreciation

By  //  December 11, 2021

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Your employees are the lifeblood of the company, and you need to take time to show them that they are valued and appreciated. A great way to do this is to bring the company together for an employee appreciation event, filled with their favorite colleagues and their families.

If you want to host a family event to express your appreciation for your employees, here are a few vital elements you will need.

Accommodating the Attendees

Hosting large groups of people is no easy feat. You need the amenities and set up to accommodate this large of a group, including tables with seating, rooms or outdoor spaces large enough to accomodate them all. You’ll also need to find restroom trailers for rent.

Although your standard office amenities and accommodations may work for daily business, it is unlikely to fit your needs for this appreciation event as is. While using a large conference room may work for one team, you need to consider how you can accommodate the whole group and their families at once.

Fabulous Food

An appreciation event would not be complete without delicious dishes to enjoy. Consider bringing in a catering company or elect to have a more unique experience with an army of food trucks. A themed meal and snacks can be a fun way to spice up any event.

Whether you go with carnival or hometown favorites, breakfast for dinner or a particular cuisine, offer something delicious that you know everyone will love. Regardless of how you choose to approach food, make sure that you have plenty of it and options for the kids and people with dietary restrictions.

Delicious Drinks

When you are chowing down, you need something to wash it down with. Whether you plan to have a signature cocktail and alcoholic options or stick to nonalcoholic drinks, make sure that you have a variety. This can help you ensure that everyone has a good time and can stay hydrated throughout the event. Make sure that you have plenty of water available regardless of what route you decide on.

Engaging Entertainment

To take your family get-together to the next level, entertainment is a must. Whether you want to drown out the awkward silence or just add an extra level of pizzazz, having music or some form of entertainment can do the trick. Not to mention that entertainment can also keep attendees occupied and engaged throughout the experience.

Interactive Activities

If your event is sure to be a smash, consider adding an element of fun and excitement with an interactive experience. Whether you have family-friendly activities for all, team-building activities for the adults or something just for the kids, having an interactive element can help you elevate the experience. While food, drinks and entertainment are great, especially if you have a longer event, you need something to keep everyone from getting restful.

Moderately Agreeable Managers

If you want this to truly be an event that showcases appreciation, make sure that your managers are on board. Having a manager who pressures an employee to complete a deadline or meet a deliverable during the event is a sure-fire way to detract from the employee’s experience. If you want to make sure that everyone truly feels appreciated, shut the office down and give everyone the chance to unwind and truly enjoy the experience.

Stirring Surprises

For those who want to dazzle their employees, consider adding a surprising element to the event. Whether you have gifts for your staff, giveaways, raffles or exciting surprises like an extra day off, don’t miss out on the chance to turn your ordinary appreciation event into something extraordinary. You may be surprised at how far a small surprise can go in expressing your gratitude for your team.

Although you may assume that your staff knows that they are appreciated, expressing that can go a long way. With a bit of pizzazz and planning, you can turn a blasé experience into an employee appreciation extravaganza suitable for your stellar staff and their amazing families.