How to Keep a Good App From Dying? Bluethrone Becomes the Lifeline for Mobile Developers

By  //  December 21, 2021

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Many apps can’t make the leap from good to great. Who’s to blame? Of course, the marketing glass ceiling. ‘App aggregator’ Bluethrone offers to buy these good apps, provide an exit for app dev’s and pave the way for their next level (and project).

Mobile apps have become indispensable to modern society. To say that they’ve transformed human life would be an understatement. That’s what steers mobile developers to consistently enhance their apps with new features.

But here’s the thing – the total number of apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store has exceeded 6 million. Whether you’re developing an image editor or a weather app, your target users will find a ton of other apps offering similar features.

If your app isn’t garnering the traction you’d expected, the good news is that you aren’t alone. Numerous developers are struggling to attract and retain users to grow their apps.

So, how do you prevent your app from dying a slow and painful death?

Tech entrepreneur Alon Waller is on a mission to help app developers plan a profitable exit strategy. His company, Bluethrone, acquires and grows product-market fit (PMF) apps that would’ve otherwise struggled to gain a competitive advantage.

The Glass Ceiling of Mobile App Development

It takes more than great code and interfaces to build a successful mobile app. You need a robust marketing strategy to help your app find its footing on app stores. From app store optimization to social media marketing – you have to leverage various channels to promote your app and attract more users.

Most apps fail to achieve success because their developers aren’t well-versed in the nuances of mobile app marketing. 

Between deploying various features and testing code snippets, app marketing often takes a backseat for developers. Also, many of them don’t want to get caught up in the frenzy of advertising, sales targets, and revenue.

It’s the reason many apps with the most remarkable features never see the light of the day on app stores.

Developers find themselves investing their time and resources to keep an app afloat while they could be pursuing more innovative projects. But reinventing your app with new features and interfaces won’t do the trick if it doesn’t reach your target users.

In such a scenario, most developers are left with two choices. You could keep burning your resources and hope that the app will eventually grab eyeballs. Or you could draw the curtains on your app and start working on a new project.

With an app aggregator, like Bluethrone, you now get a third exit lifeline.

How Does Bluethrone Work?

Bluethrone uses an AI-powered acquisition algorithm to analyze, acquire, and appreciate PMF apps. The company has built a team of analysts who evaluate mobile apps based on a 5k rule.

An app must have at least 5,000 downloads or generate a monthly profit of $5,000 to be eligible for acquisition.

Bluethrone’s analysts also use other metrics, such as revenue per download and user retention, to assess an app’s potential.

After acquiring an app, they deploy new monetization techniques and marketing strategies to amplify profitability. Also, they revamp the UI/UX to give the app a new lease of life.

That creates a win-win situation for developers and their apps. You get a simple and stress-free way to liquidate your assets without killing the project. And your app finally reaches the heights of success you’d always wanted to achieve.

You can use the funds to launch a new project or maintain existing profitable apps. If you get a good bargain, you can even consider retiring or pursuing a different calling.

How Did It Start?

Bluethrone co-founder and CEO Alon Waller learned the importance of an aggregator the hard way. When he was struggling to grow his FBA stores on Amazon, he decided to close the underperforming ones.

It was only after Amazon aggregator Thrasio rose to prominence that Waller realized there’s always a better way to exit. He realized that mobile developers could use an aggregator to cash out.

That’s how the idea of Bluethrone was born. Waller quickly gathered other tech entrepreneurs and investors who shared his vision. And the company started purchasing apps in February 2021.

As of this writing, Bluethrone’s apps have attracted more than 113 million downloads and 9 million monthly active users. Also, 70% of developers keep reaching out to them after selling their first app.

To New Beginnings

An exit strategy doesn’t have to mean the end of your project. If you’ve invested your time, energy, and resources to create an app, you want it to find the success it deserves.

With Bluethrone, you can continue to hone your skills as a developer without worrying about growing your apps. You get an easy and dignified way to cash out while giving your app a competitive edge.