Novawave Antenna Reviews 2021: Scam Or Legit? Find Out Here!

By  //  December 1, 2021

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Novawave Antenna is a newly invented small and discreet HD TV antenna that lets you watch all your favourite broadcast shows and channels without paying any monthly bill. With Nova Wave antenna, you will watch your favourite sporting events, the best movies, TV, arts, and entertainment, news and documentaries.

It receives television broadcast via electromagnetic signals and translate them into video and audio to display whatever programming you want to watch.

A lot of consumers novawave antenna reviews rated this product high. Many of the top TV channels are broadcast free over the air. You can benefit from this and watch your favourite content without expensive monthly cable bills.

A lot of people are not really comfortable with the outrageous fees they pay every month for cable subscription. This is the reason why Novawave Antenna was invented to prevent such monthly fee that does not really add much value. 

NovaWave Antenna is also very affordable and readily available for everyone, this is to ensure that everyone gets a unit of this outstanding HD TV antenna that will enable you watch your favourite broadcast channels without any monthly bill.

Do you want to know an astonishing secret?  Cable networks compress their signals for efficiency while local broadcasts transmit uncompressed signals so you receive the highest quality audio and video. Thus, paying outrageous monthly subscription fees is not a guarantee that you get the best quality services. This is another angle you may like to consider. Novawave HDTV antenna just like other digital TV antennas, costs nothing but give you high quality audio and video. No compression of signals!

Paying ridiculous amount of money and dealing with outages is never a good experience, and if you are not techy, you will have to wait on your cable guy anytime something went wrong. The bad news is that it can take several hours or even days for the cable guy to show up.

Now, the question is, must you always have your shows interrupted? Must you always expose your home to a total stranger just to fix cable issues? With novawave HD TV antenna, you will never have your shows interrupted neither will you wait on a cable guy for hours or days because you can it all by yourself. No complicated maze of wires nor a big mess of wires for your cable box.

Do you wish to cut the cord and stop paying exorbitant prices but don’t know the perfect solution? Keep reading novawave TV antenna review.

This digital TV antenna has gained wide recognition and the demand for it is high. It might run out of stock soon, join multitude of happy customers using Novawave HD TV antenna. Also, don’t fail to read the positive novawave reviews from consumers at the official website.

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What is Novawave TV Antenna (Novawave Antenna Review)

Novawave Antenna is an affordable and easy to use digital TV antenna. It works with any modern television set, and also with all high definition content. If you want to cancel cable and save money, then novawave antenna is for you. You can unlock new broadcast channels and receive over the air (OTA) television without paying a dime for subscription.

It is entirely free from signal compression, hence you will get higher quality sound and videos.  In fact, most broadcast stations offer additional regional programming free.

These broadcast channels include local news, sports, cooking shows, kids programming along with classic TV shows and movies. Novawave tv lets you get these at no extra cost, just one off purchase and you are all set to enjoy free broadcast TV channels and movies forever.

More than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air. With a range of 30 miles in all directions, novawave allows you free access to your favourite broadcast HDTV shows, sporting events, even local news programs.

With Novawave HD TV antenna, you can enjoy uninterrupted shows, entertainment, news and sports. No disconnection due to poor signal or late subscription. It is pretty easy and simple to use, no technical skills are required. Most customers are scared of installation because they thought it will be pretty hard to install such a high tech device like Novawave. Yes, Novawave is a high device but it is not any difficult to install. Simply plug and use.

Novawave costs nothing to operate, it does not have any moving parts that can wear out. Once you start using Novawave TV antenna, you will wonder why you ever wanted to pay insane prices for cable services.

Depending on your location, your mileage may vary, but you should be able to get most if not all these broadcast stations free of charge. They include: ABC news, Antenna TV, CBS news, COMET, DECADES, FOX, FXM, Global, H&I, MeTV, PBS, THE CW, UNIVISION, and a bunch of broadcast shows, local weather and news. 

If you want to watch programming from top broadcast networks and channels without paying extra penny monthly, consider novawave HD TV antenna. Join multitude of happy customers that are currently enjoying their novawave antenna. This Novawave Antenna Reviews will reveal more about this product, keep reading!

Outstanding Qualities of Novawave HD TV antenna

Extremely portable: Novawave is designed out of durable materials and simple plug and watch technology. Take it to anywhere of your choice including hotel, cottage or even road trip. You won’t even notice you are carrying something because of its lightweight.

Compact and fashionable design: Novawave Antenna is a small and discreet tv antenna. It is very fashionable unlike the ugly counterparts. Who told you that you must ruin your home decor just to receive free broadcast contents? Novawave crafters made their antenna compact and outstanding so that you don’t have to ruin your décor just to use an antenna. There is no bulky wires, ugly rabbit ears, or anything that can mar your home décor.

Window mountable: Novawave Antenna is an indoor antenna that you can mount anywhere. For best experience, it is recommended that you mount it to any window to receive all the available broadcast channels. Affix the novawave to any window to amplify any transmission from that direction or move it to another window to see what signals are coming From that direction. You can alternate between windows but each time you change the location, you need to rescan for broadcast channels.

Works with any modern television set: Novawave is very versatile and works very well with any modern television set. It does not discriminate or reject any television brand. No matter the brand of television set you are using, your Novawave Antenna is compatible with it. 

Mount anywhere apart from Windows: Being an indoor antenna, novawave is mountable anywhere inside the house. However, you have to mount it where you can receive most of the broadcast channels interrupted.  It comes with a long flexible cable to enable you fix it wherever you want inside the house. You can mount Novawave to any wall, you can even hide it behind your TV set provided you are getting as much broadcast channels as you want.

Advantages of using Novawave Antenna

Supports Full HD 1080p: With novawave antenna, you will be able to watch your content in the highest quality possible. It features full support for full high definition 1080p signals, just like you get when paying for a cable TV subscription.

Powerful unit provides the clearest reception: It was designed to pull signals clearly and display them in the highest quality possible. You will enjoy clear, beautiful videos as well as wonderful audio quality. Novawave Antenna is a receiver of FM, very high frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) digital signals. The quality of both video, picture and audio received is top notch. Unlike cable TV and satellite, no compression of signals. You will be amazed at the vibrant picture quality you get.

Hassle-free use: It is pretty simple and easy to use. Just connect novawave antenna to your television and you will gain Instant access to your favourite broadcast TV channels. There is no complicated setup to install or operate, just plug it in and you are ready to go.

No endless wire to tangle and trip on: The coaxial cable is simple and requires you to only plug it once directly to your TV.

Power efficient: Novawave Antenna uses no energy unless you attach the low energy consumption amplifier that you simply plug into your TV’s coaxial input. Without this amplifier, you run you novawave tv antenna without any extra energy expenditure.

Hence, no increase of electricity bill. Even when amplifier is attached, it takes up only little power, and won’t have significant effect on your bills. The aim of producing Novawave Antenna is to reduce cost, because you don’t have to pay outrageous fees to watch your favourite channels. 

Low cost: It is no news that cable subscription consumes a lot of money. Though this might seem so little for some homes (families) but it is pretty high for most families. From findings, an average home in the United States spend an average of one thousand dollars every year on cable TV subscription. This is pretty high. You must not pay such fees to enjoy your favourite broadcast channels. Just get a unit of Novawave Antenna at $49.99 and you won’t have to worry about monthly charges anymore.

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Pros (Novawave TV antenna review)

Enjoy your local news, favourite dramas and sitcoms, movies, and all the best in sporting events.

Pick up broadcast stations from miles away, and in full HD, you will get awesome pictures and sound quality.

Incredibly easy to use, plug and play installation. Just attach to your TV, plug in the power, and start scanning for all the available broadcast channels. It really is that easy.

Downsides (Novawave Antenna Reviews)

■ Limited stock: Due to high quality of this product, the manufacturer is struggling to cope with demand. Novawave will soon run out of the stock! Hurry up and get yours to benefit from numerous discounts available.

■ Not available in retail stores: Novawave manufacturer warned that their TV antenna is not sold anywhere outside their official website. Any purchase made from any vendor is at the buyer’s risk. If you want the original Novawave Antenna, head straight to the official website to place your order.

■ Change location and rescan: Sometimes you may encounter signal interruption and the best thing to do is to change the location of your TV antenna. Each time you change the location of novawave, you must rescan for broadcast channels. Also, most broadcast channels are changing their frequency such that the ones that were not captured initially may be captured later. You need to rescan as frequently as possible to have access to all the available broadcast channels.

■ One Novawave Antenna One TV: One novawave antenna can only be used for a single TV. You cannot connect one novawave HD TV antenna to two or more televisions. Thus, if you have more than one TV, you need to buy novawave for each of them. Even if you amplify, it can’t still be used for two TVs. 

How to use it (Novawave reviews)

Simply attach Novawave to your wall or window

Connect novawave to your television with the included coaxial cable

Scan to find all available channels and start watching.

That’s all you need to do to enjoy your Novawave Antenna.

Prices of Novawave (novawave reviews)

Have you ever imagined ditching your cable? With novawave antenna, you will ditch cable and stop paying the outrageous monthly subscription fees. The good news is that novawave antenna is pretty affordable and readily available for everyone.

Below are the prices of Novawave as stated at the official website of the product.

One Novawave Antenna costs – $49.99

Two Novawave Antennas cost – $99.99

Three Novawave Antennas cost – $111.99

Four Novawave Antennas cost – $136.99

We always advise customers to make any purchase at the official website of the manufacturer and this Novawave Antenna Reviews  will not be an exception. If you want to buy your own novawave HD TV antenna to finally cut your cord, go straight to the official website of the producer. Do not buy from any vendor outside this website to avoid paying exorbitant price for substandard or fake product. Also, the prices listed above are discounted prices as at the time of writing this Novawave reviews. You can only get this at the official website.

For every purchase of Novawave Antenna at the official website, there is a thirty days money back guarantee covering your order. This is one of the ways of proving the effectiveness of this HD TV antenna. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it and get fully refunded without any hassles.

Though Novawave is making waves and most customers seem to love it but this is no guarantee that everybody will be thrilled with this device. You can give it a try and see if it works for you. If it does not, you can return it.

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Novawave consumers reports

My cable TV every month was costing me as much as my car payment. It was insane. I was paying an outrageous price for a cable package, but I only really wanted to watch a few channels.

I was paying a ridiculous amount of money for my cable services, but I had to deal with outages, a big mess of wires for my cable box, and a big complicated maze of wires. I’m glad I bought Novawave, I can now enjoy my favourite broadcast channels without paying a dime. _Mark_

I wish I had Novawave years ago! It really pulls in all the broadcast channels that I want to watch, and even my picky husband is satisfied with it. I can’t believe I was spending all that money on cable to watch my shows when I could have just installed this easy to use antenna.  _Lella M_

Cable services is pretty expensive but that’s not the only irritating part of it. Anytime something went wrong, I had to wait for the cable guy. My wife usually ended up dealing with him, even when he showed up hours or days late. Sometimes she got a creepy feeling when he started snooping around our house.

She got the scary feeling that he was making a mental list of everything valuable in the house. This could be true but I never figured it out. However, all these came to an end when I purchased Novawave HD TV Antenna. It pretty cool, and I recommend it.  _Anna G_

Great for the price. This is a reliable company, every claim I read about this product in different novawave reviews are true. Now, I can watch my favourite broadcast channels and shows without paying a dime or monthly fees. It is incredibly easy to use, just plug and play installation. Cool stuff, high rating from me  _Tom J_

FAQs (NovaWave Antenna Reviews)

Is it okay to mount it against a window?

Definitely yes. The best place to mount your novawave HD TV antenna is against a window. It gets the best reception when placed against a window. However, it must not be placed against a window for it to get good reception. You can place your indoor antenna anywhere inside your house and still get good reception, but for the best experience, you are advised to mount it against a window. You can experiment with different locations to see what gives you the most broadcast channels.

Is Novawave Antenna safe outside?

Novawave HD TV Antenna is an indoor antenna that enables you to watch your shows without spending a fortune. It is not an outdoor antenna because it is not waterproof. Hence, it doesn’t have to capacity to resist water damage. You are not supposed to install it outside. It was designed for indoor use only. Placing it outside won’t improve reception.

How can I access more channels?

With Novawave Antenna you can access multiple free broadcast channels. However, to access more free broadcast channels with Nova Wave HD TV Antenna, we suggest getting the amplifier to boost your antenna’s range. You will have to spend a little bucks here!

How often do I need to rescan?

It is recommended that you rescan as often as possible so that the channels that were not initially available may be picked up by your antenna. Also, it is recommended that each time you change the location of your antenna, you need to rescan for channels. For best experience, always rescan for channels anytime you adjust your novawave antenna’s location.

Can I access all channels from my home?

This depends on your proximity to the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. If your house is located far away from the nearest broadcasting tower you may not be able to access all the free Channels or the signal may not be as strong. Also, if there is an obstruction between your house and the nearest broadcasting tower, you may have interruption in signal transmission.

Bottom Line Of Novawave Reviews

Cable subscription is pretty expensive, and a lot of home especially in the United States spend over a thousand dollars each year on subscription. The sad news is that you still have to deal with outages even as you spend huge amount of money just to watch your favourite channels. With Novawave HD TV antenna, you will be able to watch your broadcast channels free of charge and have that entertainment you always wanted.

Playing your favourite music, watching your favourite videos, sports events and entertainment are best ways of getting relief after a long day at work. But when you remember the huge bucks you’ve got to pay, you get demoralised to turn on your TV. Novawave TV antenna has come to offer you everything free of charge. 

Do you know that there is a way to watch thousands of the best movies, TV shows, and sports events, all in broadcast channels free of charge? It is simple, fast and easy with Novawave. There is even a discount on every unit of Novawave Antenna purchased at the official website of the manufacturer. Now, you can ditch cable and those obscene cable bills, and still enjoy your shows, movies and entertainment. 

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