Renowned Investor David Hamilton Nichols Back Speaking in Florida and Elsewhere

By  //  December 17, 2021

International speaker and global investor David Hamilton Nichols came to Florida in November speaking at the Miami Crypto Experience and scoping out the rising Florida tech scene, and he has been on the road since then.

During his presentation here, “Blockchain and Impact: More Bang for Your Crypto Buck,” David pointed out how blockchain technology is about to revolutionize the world in many industries and in ways that would surprise the average person, including things like logistics and medical and chemical testing.

He cited his portfolio company Virtual Control as an example in these sectors. The crypto boom that is making news is barely scratching the surface.

While in Miami, David met with startup founders for prospective investments in their companies. He also met with Florida-based Mike Krilivsky, founder of Creatify, an NFT platform company in which David is already an investor and advisor.

Creatify is first in class to power brands to launch NFTs with no crypto wallet needed and users can use credit card to purchase, which will open up NFTs to a much larger segment of the world’s population. David says that he was very impressed overall by Florida’s burgeoning tech scene and that he was pleasantly surprised at how many of his friends and associates were looking at relocating there.

David then traveled to Mexico as a keynote speaker at Manifestivals, a unique event bringing together spiritual and tech influencers to help facilitate new ways of doing business to create a better world, a principle very much in line with David’s work as an impact investor.

This was his first time speaking at a festival since he gave two keynotes at Zen Awakening Festival in 2018 in Florida when he used to speak extensively in the personal development field.

Following this, in December, David was on two panels in Dana Point, California, at the Opal Group Alternative Investing Summit.

He spoke on “ESG and Impactful Investment Strategies” and on “You Can Have It All: Sustainable Returns and a Sustainable Future.” He is well suited for such panels because of his investments and advisory roles in a number of climate and green energy companies.

These include both the pioneering Norwegian startup CHOOOSE which just recently partnered with Shell Ventures and with Southwest Airlines and the innovative American solar company Ovanova which just launched a pilot program with the option for people to go for crypto mining along with going solar.

David, who was recently named a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), says he is looking forward as the world starts reopening from the pandemic to engaging in more of the high-profile international events that he has in the past.

These include being a panelist at the Nobel Peace Center during Nobel Prize Week, speaking at the college and university level in India, and attending Skoll World Forum at University of Oxford Saïd Business School. In the meantime, he also intends to return to Florida multiple times in 2022.